“Much Ado about nothing”: Act 2 Questions

Who is Leonato looking for in the dinner party? Don John
What unusual combination does Beatrice make? She combines both Benedick and Don john (like a painting of a man who never speaks and a spoiled brat). She mentions that if he were handsome, he’d have every girl in the world
What biblical reference does Beatrice make in terms of being “ill tempered”? She references a proverb that talks about how God will give horns to an ill tempered cow but won’t do it to a cow that is “too-ill tempered” (these horns refer to a husband)
What is one “physical” feature that Beatrice hates that men have? beards (which represents masculinity)
What does Beatrice say will happen after she dies a virgin She will leads the apes to hell, and when she meets the devil at the gate, the devil tells her to go up into heaven where Saint Peter will let her in
What is another excuse for Beatrice not marriage anyone? She mentions that they are made from dirt and that she’d be distressed if she was led by dirt. She also says that Adam was the father of everyone and that she would be commiting incest if she had sex with another man
What are the three stages of romance that Beatrice mentions? 1)Scottish jig=woo=fast and hot and fulled with allusion2)wedding=like a dance to a king=proper and decorous3)after marriage= cinquepace =fast dance that will lead to a person getting really tired and eventually collapse and die
What does Hero say when Pedro asks her to dance with him? she says that as long as he was handsome, danced gracefully, and never talked that he’d be allowed to dance with her
What happens when Pedro asks to go out with Hero? Hero says that his face has to look good to allow it to happen and that he’d have to reveal his mask. Pedro says that he is like Philemon and that he looks beautiful under his mask
What happens while Balthasar and Margaret dance with each other? Margaret doesn’t want to like him because she has bad qualities, like praying too loud. and then she keeps telling God to find her a new dance partner
How did Ursula recognize Antonio? based on the way he waggles his head and his wrinkled hands and his excellent wit
What important thing does Ursula say about men? That their virtues will always show up
What happens when Beatrice and Benedick dance with each other? Beatrice wants to know who called her disdainful and also who said that he had got her lines from a bad joke book. Beatrice will talk smack about Benedick and mention that he is both a fool and makes slanders to others. He makes his immoral friends laugh and make others angry. He also is beat up by other people
What does Beatrice say will happen if nobody listens to Benedick words? that he will go into a big funk and not feel like doing anything
Who does Claudio pretend to be when he talks to Don John? Benedick
How does Don John trick Claudio? He says that he needs help changing Don Pedro’s mind about marrying Hero because Pedro said that they’d be married that night
Where does Benedick want Claudio to go to? willow tree-unsatisfied love- where he can wear his garland and do his business
What is Benedick’s reaction to Claudio’s frustrations he says that Claudio is a blind man who would beat up a post if a boy had robbed him
What is Benedick’s reaction to Beatrice’s smack talk? he thinks that she thinks that everything around the world revolves around her
What does Benedick compare Don Pedro’s actions to? like a schoolboy who shows a bird’s nest to his friend but that the friend steals it
What is Don Pedro’s reaction to Claudio’s situation? That he had only wanted to teach the birds how to sing and give the nest back to the boy
What does Benedick ask for Don Pedro to ask him? for him to fetch an errand at Antipodes, get a toothpick from Asia, snatch hair from Kublai Khan, etc.
How does Claudio feel when he sees Don Pedro? jealous and yellow with complexion
What does Beatrice say that contradicts that she says? That she would love to marry one of Don Pedro’s brothers, but not Don Pedro because he is too “expensive”
When is Beatrice often sad? when she sleeeps
What does Don Pedro suggest happen with Beatrice? That she’d be married with Benedick
When will Claudio and Hero get married? after the party
What time does Leonato change the date for the marriage? on Monday (a week away)
What is Don Pedro’s ultimate plan? with Leonato, Hero, and Claudio, to help Benedick and Beatrice like each other
What is Borachio’s plan for ruining Claudio and Hero’s marriage For John to tell Claudio and Don Pedro that Hero is a hore and that she likes someone else. to prove this. John will have to show them at the window both and Margaret (who is supposed to be Hero) and Barachio
How much will don John give Borachio if he is successful? 1000 coins
Why is Benedick mad? because Claudio has changed from a Bachloer to a lover
What are the 3 things that Benedick needs in a new wife? being beautiful, virtuous, and wise
What is so unusual to Benedick? That the strings made of sheep’s guts (which is played by Balthsar) draws men’s soul out of their body
What would Benedick rather listen to? a hunting horn
What does Balthsasar sing about in the orchard? about women being sad because their man has abandoned them
What is the point of Balthasar singing? to have a senerade at Hero’s bedroom window
What “proof” does Leonato make about Beatrice loving Benedick? that Hero had told them this
According to Leonato, why does Beatrice not want to tell Benedick that she likes him? Because she swore too, which makes him crazy
What happens Beatrice tries to write a letter to Benedick? She thinks that it doesn’t make sense at to send something that she knows Benedick will reject
According to Leonato and Hero, what will happen if Beatrice isn’t married to Benedick? she will hurt herself to maybe the point of death
What is Benedick’s reaction to the conversation about Beatrice? He feels really sorry for what he has done to Beatrice. He thinks that he has all the 3 qualities that go into making Beatrice in which results in him loving her