Much Ado about Nothing Act 2

According to Beatrice, an excellent man would comprise of the characteristics of which two people? Benedick and Don John
Leonato tells Beatrice she’ll never get a husband is she continues to be so sassy
According to Beatrice, who’s she going to hang out with in heaven? All of the bachelors
How do you know that Beatrice isn’t aware she’s dancing with Benedick she talks about Benedick as if the person deosn’t know who he is
Does Don john know that the person he’s speaking with is really Claudio and not Benedick yes
How does Don JOhn receive Claudio? he makes Claudio believe that he believes he is Benedick
According to Benedick, who has turned people against him? Beatrice
How does Don Pedro respond to Benedick’s accusation that he has wooed Hero for himself? he syas no, he was trying to get her for Claudio
when he sees Beatrice enter, Benedick begs don Pedro to send him on a mission to the ends of the Earth
When Don Pedro tells Beatrice he will get her a husband, how does hse respond? she says that she would rather get a husband from his father and asks if he has any brothers like him
How does Beatrice respond to Don Pedro’s marriage proposal? She says no, that he is too high maintenance for her
According to don Pedro Beatrice would make an excellent wife for Benedick
Leonato and Don Pedro want claudio and Hero to wait seven days before getting married. Why? What’s their plan regarding Beatrice and Benedick? They’re planning on getting Beatrice and Benedick to fall in love
According to his conversation with Don John, how does Barochio plan to stop the marriage between Claudio and hero Barachio is going to be with Margaret in Hero’s room to try to trick Claudio into think that it is Hero with Barachio
According to Benedick, how has love changed Claudio? It has changed every aspect of him- from the kind of music he listens to to the way he speaks
List three attributes Benedick is looking for in a woman She must be beautiful, wise, and virtuous
Briefly describe how Don Pedro, Leonato and Claudio deceive Benedick they talk loudly while they know that Benedick is hiding about how much beatrice is actually in love with Benedick
Why does Benedick trust that Leonato is speaking the truth about Beatrice’s feelings for him? Because he is a respectable man
According to Claudio, why is Beatrice unable to confess her love for Benedick? she has always treated him like a horrible person it would be embarrassing for her to admit her love
How does Benedick react to the information he’s overheard? In other words, what his feelings toward Beatrice? He begins to rethink his feelings about her and realizes that Beatrice possesses all of the qualities he looks for in a woman