Much Ado About Nothing Act 1 Vocab

none of name no one of importance
remembered rewarded
bettered exceeded
tax critisize
holp helped
musty victual stale food
wits intelligence
squander brawler
er’a be before
marks listens to
turncoat something that changes sides
pernicious extremely harmful
predestinate inevitable
constrain compel
troth faith or truth
heretic non-believer
recheat to call on a hunting horn
bugle a hunting horn
quiver arrows
temporize change one’s mind
embassage mission or task
apt quick
salved softened
complexion appearance
peradventure perhaps
breeds causes it
sufferance endurance
claw flatter
canker a wild rose
enfranchized set free
clog a heavy block of wood
proper squire handsome fellow
arras tapestry wall hanging