Much Ado About Nothing act 1 study guide

where have don pedro, claudio, and benedick been? war
About whom does Beatrice ask and why? Benedick and she still cares about him.
Who was defeated in the war? Don John
How does don pedro treat the loser and why? He treats the loser with kindness and wants to build a relationship.
In whom is claudio interested and why? Claudio is interested in Hero, he thinks shes pretty.
How does Benedick feel about her? Benedick thinks shes average.
When claudio talks to don pedro about hero, he shows he is interested in hero for more than her looks and personality. what else motivates him? Money & Power
what offer does Don pedro make to Claudio? Don pedro offered to dress in a mask and pretend to be claudio, so don pedro can swoon Hero.
eavesdropping or nothing scenes are crucial to the plot. what does antonio learn from his eavesdropping servant? Antonio learns that don pedro wants to marry hero and he loves hero.
in the renaissance, illegitimate sons were stereotyped as wicked and convincing. Don John, the comedy’s villain, is no exception. how is he villainous? Don John constantly seeks revenge.
what resolution does Don John make? Sabotage claudio and heros relationship.
what information obtained by eavesdropping does borachio bring don john? that claudio loves hero and wants to marry her.
how do beatrice and benedick treat each other? what conclusions can you draw about their feelings? Beatrice & benedick act with sarcasm torwards eachother & they are hiding their true feelings.
what does don pedro plan on happening before he dies? See benedick fall in love.