Much Ado about Nothing Act 1

Battle; rebellion of Don John vs. Don Pedro where has Don Pedro been?
Claudio who was honored in battle?
they had a prior relationship what do Beatrice and Benedick comments reveal??
Leonato in Messina What was the governor’s name?
not happy; doesn’t speak how does john contrast with the others?
1 month how long do the men intend to stay?
Benedick; they have had a former relationship To whom is Beatrice referring when she says, “I know you of old?” What does this suggest?
hero: pretty but not his type Beatrice: prettier, but has a demon inside of her Benedick’s opinion on Hero? Beatrice?
Hero what isLeonato’s short daughter?
Don John who is the villain?
if she has any wealth What does Caludio ask that makes viewers question he motivation?
Don Pedro who says that he hopes to see Benedick look “pale with love”?
Arrange courtship of Hero; Pedro wears a mask ande woo Hero. what does Pedro promise Claudio?
Borachio and Conrad which two soldiers are loyal to Don John?
a garbed version of plan. Don pedro will marry Hero what does john learn from Borachio?
Claudio: big hero who got the honor Pedro: has the inheritance why does john hate Claudio and Don Pedro?
Leonato Governor of Messina Father of Hero Uncle of Beatrice
Hero: Leonato’s “short daughter”Young ObedientPure and virtuousLoves Claudio
Beatrice Cousin of hero Former relationship with Benedick merry war of wits”
Don Pedro Prince from Aragon in Spain Leader of soldiers Recently been at warRebellion led by Don John agaisnt Don Pedro Because Don Pedro is legitame heir while Don John is the illigitamate
Don John: Shakespeare says he is the Bastard brother to Don Pedro Cause himself a “plain-dealing villain”
Benedick SoldierConfirmed bachelor Think he is “beloved of women”Afraid of commitment
Claudio: youngest of soldiersWas heroic in his first skirmish Wants to marry Hero From Florence, Italy
Dogberry policemen; comical relief
Vergas assistant of Dogberry
Antonio older brother of Leonato