Much Ado About Nothing Act 1

Leonato Governor of Messina , Has a daughter Hero and a neice Beatrice
Don Pedro A high ranking nobleman, essentially a prince.
Claudio a young nobleman who has done very well in combat and is deeply in love with Hero.
Benedick very great soldier , claims to hate all women and always nags Beatrice , and are so passionate in their fights
Don John Don Pedro’s evil brother who attempts to hurt Claudio’s feelings later in the play to indirectly hurt his brother’s.
Hero daughter of Leonato, she also likes Claudio but she does not know that he has feelings for her . She is very shy and sweet , smart ,and innocent.
Beatrice very witty and she and Benedick go at each other verbally .
Antonio Tells Leonato Don Pedro told Claudio he loved Hero and would acknowledge it that night at the dance, intending to go to Leonato if he found Hero consenting
Plot Claudio tells Benedick of his love for Hero and Bendick makes fun of him. Then Benedick tells Don Pedro Claudio’s love for Hero. He decides to wear a mask and pretend to be Claudio and woo Hero for him.
They can focus on different things now Why is it significant that Don Pedro and his men are returning from the wars?
She uses sarcasm to mask her discern for him Why does Beatrice ask About Benedick?What is the real reason
They think love makes people fools Why do Beatrice and Benedick say that lovers are fools, and they want nothing to do with love?
He thinks he shouldn’t get too attached How does Benedick react to Claudio’s Declaration that Hero is ” The sweetest lady that I ever looked”?
He is too shy Why does Claudio send Don Pedro as his emissary to Hero to declare his love?
He hates Claudio for being loved and respected Why does Don John want to cause trouble?
It’s Natural Why is Don Pedro so Morose?
Hero Who is Claudio in love with