Much ado about nothing

Who was victorious in the battle that preceded the opening of the play? Prince Don Pedro of Aragon won the battle.
What is the relationship between Don Pedro, Claudio, and Benedick? Both Claudio and Benedick fought bravely for the prince.
Why is the speech of Leonato, Don Pedro, and Claudio so rigid? What does their style tell us about their characters? The speech of Leonato, Don Pedro, and Claudio shows their adherence to courtly manners and rituals. Their style betrays an addiction to convention.
How does Beatrice cover up her concern for Benedick? Beatrice covers her concern for Benedick through her witty downgrading of him.
What simile does Beatrice use to describe Benedick’s faith? Beatrice states that Benedick wears his faith but as the fashion of his hat.
During their wordspar, what accusations do Benedick and Beatrice hurl on each other? Benedict accuses Beatrice of being disdainful and Beatrice accuses Benedict of being a pernicious lover.
What is the greatest fear of Claudio and Benedick? Both Claudio and Benedick fear becoming cuckolds.
Have the characters met before? Yes, they have met before.
What about Hero is of major concern to Claudio? Claudio is concerned about Hero’s chastity.
Which character reveals his misogyny? Is this misogyny real? Benedick reveals his misogyny. The misogyny is merely a whetstone for his wit.
What is the first thing that Borachio tells Don John? he can cross the marriage between Claudio and Hero.
Who is the architect of the plan to slander Hero? Borachio is the architect of the plan to slander Hero.
What does Don John state would be medicinable to him? Don John states that any cross, any impediment to the marriage of Claudio would be medicinable to him.
What did Borachio tell Don John a year ago? Borachio told Don John that he is in the favor of Margaret, Hero’s waiting- gentlewoman.
What role has been assigned to Don John in this plan? Don John’s role is to first plant the slander in Don Pedro’s mind and then to offer him proof.