Right at the start of the play, who does Beatrice ask after, perhaps betraying her true feelings after all? Benedick
Describe in one word, the relationship between Beatrice and Benedick. Explain. Confusing. It’s a love-hate relationship
Name three ways Benedick and Beatrice insult each other in their first interaction. 1. “Rather hear dogs bark at crows.” (unlovable)2. “Rare parrot teacher.” (dumb)3. “Scratching could make it better. (face/ugly)
Describe Don Pedro’s plan for setting up Claudio with Hero. They will have a mascaraed ball and Don Pedro will pretend to be Claudio asking Hero for her hand in marriage.
How does the plan get overheard by Antonio, Leonato’s big stupid manservant. Someone over heard the conversation and told him.
How does that plan get overheard by Conrade, Don John’s clever companion? He tricks Don John into telling him.
What is at the heart of Don John’s sadness and anger? (it’s a copied answer) “There is no measure in the occasion that breeds, therefore the sadness is without limit.”
Name what Don John will do as “food for his displeasure”. Watch Don Pedro’s plan
Who is Balthasar spitting game at during the masquerade? Margret
Fill in the blank: “_________ is constant in all other things/ Save in the office of affairs of love;” Friendship
After Benedick storms off, Beatrice give us their brief history o their relationship. Summarize it. They liked each other, but not anymore. She gave more in the relationship then he did.
Who tries to run some secret game on Beatrice, but gets rebuffed? Don Pedro (Prince)
To fill the time till the wedding, tell the plan that Don Pedro conjures to pass the time. He is going to make Beatrice and Benedick fall in love.
Part 1 of Don Pedro’s plan goes down in the garden: describe how they got Benedick hooked. He heard people say that Beatrice likes Benedick but won’t say anything.
A malapropisnis mistaking one word for another, similar-sounding one. For exampler Verges says “Yea, or else it were pity but they should suffer salvation, body and sould, ” when he means damnation, body and soul. Find three examples where this happens from 3:3. 1. line 22: vanity should be talent. 2. line 23: senseless should be sensible3. line 24: comprehend should be apprehend
Charcterize, in a word, tge quality of men employed by Dogberry and his watch, and explain. Irresponsible— they don’e do anything.
Claudio pretty well ruins his wedding day; fill in this blank, of what he says as he gives Hero back to Leonato: “There, Leonato, take her back again. Give not this ______ ________ to your friend; She’s but the sign and semblance of her honor.” Nat a good look, dude…. rotten orange
Leonato stakes the cake for meanest thing said at “call Hero A Tramp Fest”– identify what he says that makes Hero faint. “Hath no man’s dagger have a point for me.”
Name the tree people who believe Hero’s innocence from the start. 1. Beatrice2. Benedick3. Friar
Sure sign you need to get out of that relationship..; after they confess their love for one another, what is the one thing Beatrice asks of Benedick? And what is his response? -Kill Claudio-He’ll challenge Claudio
Despite the grim proceedings of the previous scene, IV .ii is hysterical. Identify the two funniest instances of Dogberry not understanding the ways of court. 1. “You’re an ass!” -didn’t call for watch.2. The way he was referring to Borachio and Conrade.
Identify what Don Pedro and Claudio ask of Benedick, what does he give them instead? -Asked for wit-given a challenge to a duel.
Despite being entirely despicable up to this point, tell what excellent door prize Claudio wins. Gets to wed Leonato’s brother’s daughter. (Hero’s cousin)
What does Dogberry insist be considered in the sentencing of Borachio? Borachio called him an ass.
Despite figuring out that their friends have set the up, what evidence is produced that proves Beatrice and Benedick’s undying love for one another? Claudio had a note from Benedick about Beatrice.Hero had a note from Beatrice about Benedick.