Much Ado About Nothing

1. Don Pedro returns from war from where? Don pedro returns from Aragon. He’s the prince.
2. Beatrice uses the phrase Signior Mountanto to refer to? Benedick
3. At first, Beatrice and Benedick both what? Treat each other like crap.
4. Benedick doesn’t really like Hero and says she is? ask
5. Who pretends he is Claudio at the masquerade? Benedick
6. Don Jon causes trouble at first by doing what? Sabotaging the wedding
7. Beatrice says she can’t marry Don Pedro..why? Because Don Pedro is too much too handle so she would want another husband for the weekdays.
8. Don Pedro convinces the other guys to do what? ask
9. What are the qualities Benedick is looking for in a woman? Rich, wise, ambitious, hair the color that pleases God.
10. What was the song sung in act 3. What does it say about men? they’re liars
11. Borachio’s name means? Drunkard
12. The guards first ARREST Borachio for what? Slandering Hero
13. Who gets a bad cold? Beatrice
14. Hero is upset and does what when she hears the lie? She faints.
15. Dogberry gets angry when Conrade calls him what? An ass
16. What plan does the friar concoct? For Hero to pretend she’s dead, so Claudio will realize how much he loves her.
17. Leonato say Claudio can do NOTHING to make up for what he has done!! Leonato was upset w Claudio because he thought Claudio took Hero’s virginity.
18. When Benedick tries to write a poem he has a hard time with what? Rhyming
19. Who does Borachio insist had nothing to do with the crime? Margorot
20. Where is Don John at the end of the play? He runs away with Missina
21. The play ends with a what? Hero and Claudio and Beatrice and Benedick getting married
22. What is a cuckold? the husband of a slut
23. Beatrice and Benedick are foils to what other couple? Hero and Claudio.
24. Many times what God is alluded to throughout the play? ask
25. During Shakespeare’s time what was the stage like globe theatre ask
26. What is the importance of the wording Nothing in the title? everyone tricks eachother.