Much ado about nothing

Don John, he has forgiven him. Who was defeated in the war? How does Don Pedro treat the loser and why?
To see Benedick sick with love. What does Don Pedro plan on happening before he dies?
She gets heartburn because she looks at him in sour. What happens to Beatrice whenever she sees Don John and why?
Don’t like what you pick, then get another. What advice is Hero given by Beatrice?
That Pedro is in love with Hero What lie does Don John tell Claudio?
He loss Hero to Prince. What lie does Claudio tell
He cant stand her tongue How does Benedick react to Beatrice’s insults?
Show them that Hero is cheating. How does Don John try to gain the trust of Don Pedro and Claudio?
That Hero is unfaithful. What doe Don John tell Don Pedro and Claudio?
To assign jobs to the watchmen. What jobs are held by Dogberry and Verges?
Alcohol What is Borachio’s main vice?
They found the criminals. Why have Dogberry and Verges come to see Leonato?
It wasn’t her How does Hero try to defend herself?
She faints What happens to hero?
Claudio Who does Leonato believe?