Much ado about nothing

William shakespeare was christened in (town) _______ in year _____ stratford -on-avon;1564
Who did shakespeare marry? and how many children? anne hathaway; 3
What was the theater called? the globe
The River that flows through London is ______ Thames
What queen reigned then? Queen Elizabeth I
Poor people who stood on the ground? groundlings
Theaters closed because of what? plague
Before shakespeare who was the greatest play writer? Christopher Marlo
Shakespeare wrote ___ sonnets for Risley to do what? 21, to get married
Shakespeare fell in love with ____ , the wife of a musician of the court amelia
Prince of Arrogan Don Pedro
Vowed never to marry benedick
a constaple (policeman) dogberry
A good soldier who was in love claudio
A lovely,sweet , quiet maid hero
Niece to leonato beatrice
Illigentament brother of Don Pedro Don John
Follower of Don John Borachio
A noble man who lived in Messina leonato
Was attending gentlewoman margaret