Much Ado About Nothing

(T/F) The Globe was the most popular theater of its time. T
(T/F) Performers of the time of Shakespeare had a great deal of prestige within the community. F
(T/F) Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway, a woman who was significantly older than him. T
(T/F) Elizabethan audiences did not care much for elaborate settings or scenery, but they did enjoy seeing lot of gore in their performances., T
(T/F) Shakespeare did not achieve any success or fame during his lifetime; in fact, he died a very poor man. F
(T/F) Women were not permitted to perform, so young boys played female roles. T
(T/F) During Elizabethan era, many actors received protection and financial support from members of the aristocracy. T
(T/F) Some conspiracy theories say Shakespeare never wrote any of the plays he is given credit for writing. T
(T/F) Shakespearean plays were very demure and tasteful. F
(T/F) During Shakespear’s play, actors would use dry ice to create special effect of fog. F
Character that sings song about inevitability of women having their hearts broken. Balthasar
Character that is the only heir of Leonato. Hero
Character that welcomes Don Pedro and others when they return to Messina, offering them the use of his home and hospitality. Leonato
At beginning of play, this character was given honors for valor in battle. Claudio
Character that becomes disappointed when he hears one of his good friends may soon marry. Benedick
Leonato’s brother, who discusses the possibility of marriage of Don Pedro and Hero with him. Antonio
Character that insults Benedick mercilessly during the masquerade. Beatrice
Character that is quiet and known for modesty and virtue. Hero
Character that changes from warrior to lover in the first act. Claudio
Character that is the Prince of Aragon. Don Pedro
Character that is sullen and unhappy and tries to cause problems for others. Don John
Character that becomes very angry with Don Pedro when he believes that he is trying to steal the woman he loves. Claudio
Character that vowes to remain a bachelor, does not trust women. Benedick
Character that is Hero’s cousin. Beatrice
Results of the battle that occures before the start of the play. Few casualties – none of importance
Which character does Borachio claim to have feelings for him? Margaret
What does Don Pedro offer to do for Claudio? woo Hero
What does Don John tell Claudio that angers him so much? Don Pedro wants to marry Hero himself
Whose reputation do Don John and Borachio plan to soil? Hero
How long do Don Pedro and the others plan to stay in Messina? one month
Who is the villain? Don John
Where does the play take place? Messina
Which two characters become close friends prior to the play’s start, during the war? Benedick and Claudio
Who plans to help CLaudio woo Hero? Don Pedro
What does Don John’s FIRST trick cause Claudio to believe during the masquerade party? He believes Don Pedro is pursuing Hero for himself
Why does Don John want to break up the relationship between Claudio and Hero? He wants to hurt Don Pedro
Who asks Beatrice to marry him at the masquerade party? Don Pedro
Why does Borachio agree to help Don John ruin Hero’s reputation? He will receive 1000 ducats from Don John
What excuse does Benedick provide for changing his mind about marriage? he did not think he would live long enough to be married
What does Benedick do to make himself more appealing to Beatrice? Shaves, wears cologne
Who is really in the window with Borachio the night Don Pedro and Claudio think they see Hero with another man? Margaret
Before Hero’s wedding, how do Hero and Beatrice react to Margaret’s dirty jokes? Neither gives a strong reaction
Why does Leonato become so angry with Hero when she is disgraced at the wedding? Leonato feels her indiscretion reflects upon the entire family
What does Leonato do when he hears his daughter is a stale? He hits her
What will be done with Hero if the plan to restore her honor fails? She will be killed
Who comes up with the plan to pretend Hero is dead? Friar
What does Beatrice demand that Benedick do in order to gain her love? He must challenge Claudio to the death
What must Claudio do to atone for accusing Hero falsely? He must marry Leonato’s other “niece”
What happens to Don John at the end of the play? He is brought back and his fate will be decided later
This character comes up with the plan to regain Hero’s honor and reputation. Friar
This character is the first to fall in love with the person he/she hates. Benedick
This character acts as host, inviting warriors to stay for a month. Claudio
A beautiful epitaph is written for this character. Hero
This character signs a song about the unfaithfulness of men Balthasar
The “bastard” Don John
This female character has had sex out of marriage. Margaret
This character claims to be uninterested in men. Beatrice
Benedick tells this character to “get thee a wife” Don Pedro
ID who said: “But masters, remember that I am an ass” Dogberry
ID who said: “You seem to me as DIan in her orb, as chaste as is the bud ere it be blown” Claudio
ID who said: “But know that I have tonight wooed Margaret” Borachio
ID who said: “Go but with me tonight, you shall see her chamber window entered” Don John
ID who said: “And, as I wooed for thee to obtain her, I will join with thee to disgrace her” Don Pedro