Much Ado About Nothing

Play A piece of literature meant to be preformed on a stage with actors and sets
Tragedy A play in which the hero id destroyed by some character flaw or by forces beyond his/ her control
Comedy A light and funny play with a happy ending
Act A large division in a play- Shakespeare always has five
Scene A smaller division in an act- the number varies within the act
Aside Words spoken by a character in a play, usually in an undertone; Not intended to be heard by other characters on stage
Monologue A long uninterrupted speech that is spoken in the presence of other characters
Soliloquy A speech delivered by a character when he or she is alone on stage
Sonnet A poem consisting of fourteen lines, ten syllables per line
Rhyming Couplet A pair of lines that rhyme
Foil Someone who serves as a contrast or challenge to another character; therefor reveals much about the other character
Soliloquy A speech delivered by a character when he/ she is alone on stage, as if he/ she were thinking out loud
Figurative Language Language that is not taken literally, but has another meaning beneath the surface
Pun The humorous use of a word that uses both of it’s meanings
Hyperbole A phrase that uses extreme exaggeration
Hero Leonato’s daughter; Marries Claudio; Doesn’t talk much; Fakes her own death; Loves her cousin Beatrice; “Cheats” on Claudio with Borachio; Foil to Beatrice
Claudio Very emotional; Solider; Marries Hero; Gullible; Don Pedro is his best friend; Good friends with Benedick; Foil to Benedick
Beatrice Talks a lot; At first hates love and Benedick; Marries Benedick; Loves cousin Hero; Foil to Hero
Benedick Talks a lot; At first hates love; Marries Beatrice; Friends with Claudio and Don John; Soldier; Foil to Claudio
Don Pedro Very nice; Only wants love for other people not himself; Woos Hero for Claudio; Step-brother to Don John; Foil to Don John
Leonato Old and wise; Hero’s father; Beatrice’s uncle; Brother to Antonio; Cares about his and Hero’s reputation
Don John Evil; Doesn’t want anyone to be happy because he’s not happy; Tricks Claudio and Don Pedro to thinking Hero cheated on Claudio; Captured in the end; Foil to Don Pedro
Borachio In love with Margret; Involved in Don John’s plan; Makes people think he is having an affair with Hero; Feels guilty and confesses in the end
Conrade Involved in Don John’s plan
Friar Very smart; Marries Hero and Claudio as well as Beatrice and Benedick; Tells Hero to “die;” Calms Leanato down when he tries to kill Hero; Foil to Dogberry/ Verges
Margret Loves Borachio; Hero’s maid and friend
Dogberry Stupid; Watchman; Mixes up meanings of words; Foil to friar
Verges Stupid; Watchman; Dogberry’s sidekick; Mixes up meanings of words; Foil to friar
Shakespeare Lived in the 1500s (Sixteenth century); Lived in Stratford-upon-Avon; Lived during the Elizabethan age; Wrote 37 plays and 154 sonnets; Preformed in the Globe Theater