much ado about nothing

Why might it be hard to believe that Hero and Claudio really love each other? After all, they have barely met before they fall in love and decide to get married, and then Claudio betrays Hero viciously.
How do gossip, conversation, and overhearing function in the play? Much of the plot is moved along by characters eavesdropping on a conversation and either misunderstanding what they overhear or being deceived by gossip or by a trick.
Who did Claudio marry ? Hero.
What did the woman do when the men returned from war? they went and got ready to be with there love.
What did they consider men without beards? Because they didn’t have beards they didn’t consider them as men.
Who wrote the play Much Ado about nothing? Shakespeare
Who was challenged to a dual? Claudio
How many bad guys where in the play? 3 bad guys
Who was accused of cheating? Hero
When Claudio was going to get married how many woman came out of the church? 4 woman
Who was the actor for Leonardo? Richard Briers
Who was the actor for Don Pedro? Denzel Washington
Who was the evil brother? Don John
Who did Benedick eventually end up marrying? Beatrice
How many actors were in the play much ado about nothing