English – Much Ado about Nothing Test

Don Pedro decides to cause trouble because its his nature to do so
At the Masquerade Ball, Don John tells Claudio that Don Pedro intends to woo Hero for himself.
Benedick thinks Beatrice is in love with him because he overhears Claudio, Don Pedro, and Leonato talking about her love for him.
Claudio says, “Silence is the perfectest herald of Joy” when he finds out that Hero has agreed to marry him.
Don John continues to try and make trouble by arranging for Don Pedro and Claudio to watch in hiding while Borachio seduces Margaret while calling her “Hero.”
Beatrice becomes convinced that Benedick loves her because she overhears Hero and Ursula talking about her.
In Act Ill, Benedick has changed in that he looks sad, has shaved and wears perfume.
In Act Ill, we meet Dogberry, the captain of the watch. He is a comic character because he misuses language without realizing it.
At the beginning of the play, Leonato rea ds a letter that says Don Pedro has Won a victory with few losses.
In Act I, Benedick reveals that he distrusts all women.
Leonato discovers someone is in love with Hero because A servant has overheard a conversation in the garden.
In Act Ill, Beatrice has also changed her behavior. She shows signs of being in love by feeling sick and having a cold.
At the wedding in Act IV, Claudio denounces Hero, and she faints.
After Claudio and Don Pedro leave the wedding, Friar Francis says that they should all pretend that she is dead so that her accusers feel sorry that thei r words killed her and so the plot against her can be discovered.
Under these unusual circumstances, Benedick confesses his love for Beatrice and she demands that he prove his love by killing Claudio in revenge for what he did to Hero.
In the last scene in Act IV, Dogberry gets statements from Conrade and Borachio that prove Don John set up the plot to discredit Hero.
At the beginning of Act V, Leonato tries to challenge Claudio to a duel.
After leaving Leonato, Claudio and Don Pedro meet Benedick, hoping he will raise their spirits, but instead, Benedick challenges Claudio to a duel.
In the final scene, Beatrice and Benedick try to pretend they are not in love, but their true love is revealed because they have both written love poems to each other.
After Don John’s plot is revealed, Claudio agrees to marry Hero’s cousin.
Where did the malapropism come from? It is derived from the character Mrs. Malaprop, coming from the 1775 comedy The Rivals written by Richard Sheridan. Malaprop itself is derived from mal a propos, meaning “inappropriate” in French. Mrs. Malaprop, like Dogberry, was a character who always used words in the most “inappropriate” manner imaginable!
What is malapropism? Incorrect use of words