Act 3 Quotes Much Ado About Nothing

In little cupid’s crafty arrow made, that only wounds by hearsay Hero is saying that well make arrows like Cupid with gossip and rumors
Disdain and scorn ride sparking in her eyes, misprizing what they look on, and her wit values itself so highly that to her all matter else seem so weak. Hero is saying that Beatrice despises everything around her and prefers her wit more than anything else
Why, you speak the truth. I never yet saw man, how wise, how noble, young, how rarely featured but she would spell him backward. Hero is saying that Beatrice always rearranges the good qualities of mean to make them seem bad
No, rather I will go to Benedick and counsel him to fight against his passion;… Hero is saying that she will tell Benedick to fight his emotions (which is also part of the trick)
If it proves so, then loving goes by haps; Some cupid kills with arrows, some with traps Hero is telling Ursula that sometime love is straightforward but other times a trick is needed
What fire is in mine ears? Beatrice does not believe her ears – she is burning up with shame
If thou dost love, my kindness shall incite thee to bind our loves up in a holy band. For others say thou dost deserve, and I Believe it better than reprovingly Beatrice reacts to what she hears by saying she will be kind and put on a wedding ring. She agrees that she deserves Benedick’s love
What are the four ways Benedick has changed? 1. shaved his beard2. wears perfume3. wash his face4. brushes his hat
lute instrument used in lover’s serenades
Indeed, his mocking spirit has now crawled into a lute, and he can be played like an instrument- Claudio is talking is about Benedick
‘Tis even so, Hero and Margaret have by this played their parts with Beatrice, and then the two bears will not bite one another when they meet. Claudio is talking about how Hero and Margaret have done their part so Beatrice and Benedick should be nice to each other now
You may think I love you not. Let that appear hereafter, and aim better at me by that I now will manifest. For my brother, I Think he hold you well, and in dearness of hear hath holp to effect your ensuing marriage marriage-surely suit ill spent and labor ill bestowed. Don John is saying that his brother Don Pedro may think he does not love him but he does yet he thinks that his time arranges Claudio’s marriage was a waste of time
If i see anything tonight why I should not marry her, tomorrow in the congregation, where I should wed, there will I shame her. Claudio is saying if he sees something he will embarrass Hero and he is showing he does not trust her
And I wooed for thee to obtain her, I will join with thee to disgrace her. Don Pedro says he will join Claudio if Hero is found to be disloyal since he wooed her for Claudio
Thou shouldst rather ask if it were possible any villainy should be so rich. For when rich villains have need of poor ones, poor ones may make what price they will. Borachio is saying that he can his price
“Claudio enraged, swore he would meet her as he was appointed next morning at the temple, and there, before the whole congregation, shame her with what he saw o’ernight and send her home again without a husband.” Borachio is telling the story of how mad Claudio was
God give me joy to wear it, for my heart is exceeding heavy. Hero is saying that she wants to wear her nice dress but she is nervous
I am all out of all other tune, methinks Beatrice is saying she doesn’t feel well and she is not speaking her regular way
H pronounced like the word ache
Get you some of this distilled carduus benedictus and lay it to your heart. Margaret is suggesting that Beatrice should get a special herb good for the heart
Moral! No, by my troth, I have no moral meaning. I meant plain holy thistle. You may think perchance that I think you are in love. Margaret is saying that she did not mean any double meaning
Neighbors, you are tedious Leonato is telling Dogberry and Verges that they are being annoying because he is busy
Marry, sir, our watch tonight, expecting your Worship’s presence, ha’ taken a couple of as arrant knaves as any in Messina Verges is saying that they caught two of the worst criminals in Messina
Indeed, neighbor, he comes too short of you Leonato is being sarcastic suggesting that Verges doesn’t measure up to Dogberry