Act 2 Much Ado About Nothing

What happens to Beatrice whenever she sees Don John and why? she gets heartburn b/c of his sour mood
What kind of man does Beatrice consider ideal? 1/2 Don John and 1/2 Benedick
What advice does Beatrice offer Hero? only marry someone you choose
What does Leonato instruct Hero to do? marry Don Pedro if he asks
Who pairs off at the party? Claudio/Hero, Beatrice/Benedick, Ursula/Antonio, Margaret/Balthasar
At the party, Beatrice recognizes Benedick in spite of his mask. How does he use this knowledge to her advantage and why? she throws insults about Benedick to hurt him
What lie does Don John tell Claudio? Don Pedro is going to marry Hero
In turn, what lie does Claudio tell? tells him he is Benedick
How does Claudio react to Don John’s lie? What does this show us about Claudio? gets angry/upset; he is gullible
What does Benedick suggest Claudio do? fight for her
How does Benedick react to Beatrice’s insults? deeply hurt; revenge
When Beatrice takes Claudio to Don Pedro and tells Don Pedro that he is jealous, what does the ruler do? gives Hero to Claudio
What does Don Pedro ask Beatrice and what is her answer? asks her to marry him; says no b/c he is too good for her
What plan does Don Pedro concoct and whose help does he enlist? make Benedick and Beatrice get back together; Claudio, Leonato, and Hero
How are the plans of Don Pedro and Don John complete opposites? bring people together vs. tear people apart
What kind of woman appeals to Benedick? fair, wise, virtuous, rich, mild, noble, of good discourse, musician, pretty
Don Pedro, Claudio, and Leonato arrange for Benedick to eavesdrop on them as a singer performs. The song’s lyrics suggest that men routinely practice deception. Who has done this so far? everyone: Don Pedro, Don John, Claudio, Leonato, and Benedick
What does Benedick overhear? Beatrice loves him
Why does Benedick believe them? LEONATO
What resolve does Benedick make based on his eavesdropping? He will love her.
On what errand does Don Pedro send Beatrice? to tell Benedick dinner’s ready
How does Benedick react to Beatrice’s news that dinner is ready? he is flirtatious