Act 2: Much Ado About Nothing

What does Leonato do to welcome the soldiers home? He throws a masquerade party
Who does Don Pedro woo on Claudio’s behalf? Hero
What is the first example of deception in the play? When Don John says that Don Pedro is interested in Hero for himself
When does Claudio want to marry Hero? The next day
How long does Leonato say ut will take to plan? A week
Don Pedro suggests that they devise a plan to trick _________________ and __________________ into falling in love Benedick and Beatrice
How does Hero describe Don John? “He is of a very melancholy disposition”
All recognize Don John to be an odd fellow, somewhat ______________________ Sour and sad
For Beatrice – the ideal man is who? One that does not talk too little or complain too much
Her ideal man is ______________,____________, and ____________ Strong, healthy, and wealthy
What trait could Beatrice never accept? The man having a beard
What does Beatrice sarcastically say? That she begs God to send her a husband
“Not till God make men of some other metal than earth. Would it not grive a woman to be overmastered with a piece of valiant dust” is an example of what two poetic devices? A pun and an allusion
At the party, Beatrice talks to who? Benedick (not knowing it is him)
Beatrice states that Benedick is the…. Prince’s jester
Who is Claudio disguised as? Benedick
Who recognizes him? Borachio
What does Claudio believe after his conversation with Don John? That he has been deceived by Don Pedro, his close friend, who wooed Hero for himself
Soliloquy When a single actor is on stage, speaking his/her thoughts aloud so that the audience can hear
What does Claudio say in his soliloquy? That he is giving up on Hero
What does Beatrice say about her and Benedick’s past relationship? That he won her heart with false dice
What will happen when Hero marries Claudio? All of her wealth will transfer to him
What does Don Pedro do after Claudio and Hero get engaged? Propose to Beatrice
What are her reasons for rejecting him? She says that he is too valuable
Who does Don Pedro think would make an excellent wife for Benedick? Beatrice
When he devises a plan, who agrees to help? Leonato and Claudio
If these men can trick them into falling in love, who’s power will they usurp? Cupid’s
The same night of the masquerade ball, Don John and Borachio plan to disrupt… Claudio and Hero’s wedding
What is the plan Borachio has devised? He will make it appear that Hero has been unfaithful to Claudio the night before their wedding
What do Leonato, Claudio, and Don Pedro do? Stage a conversation that Benedick will overhear
What do they say about Beatrice’s love for him? That she fears that her personal suffering will destroy her
They state that Benedick will _________ her Mock
What does Benedick decide he must do? Love Beatrice in return
During Benedick’s soliloquy, what does he talk about? His ideal woman
How does Leonato describe how Beatrice loves Benedick? With an enraged affection
Claudio claims that Hero said Beatrice does what? Write love letters to Benedick
Who do the men plan to play the same trick on? Beatrice
During Benedick’s second soliloquy, what does he say? That what he has overheard could not be false because it had “proof”
What is Beatrice sent to do? Tell Benedick to come to dinner
How does he act during their exchange? Awkwardly