Macbeth Vocabulary

chalice nounDefinition: a cupSentence: The king filled his chalice with wine. Synonyms: goblet
chastise verbDefinition: to punish by beating; to criticize severelySentence: I chastise myself when I get a bad grade.Synonyms: scold
compunctious adjectiveDefinition: deserving of shame; deeply wrong Sentence: He felt compunctious after what he said.Synonyms: regret
dwindle verbDefinition: to make or become gradually less until little remainsSentence: Her memory dwindled with old age.Synonyms: shrink
harbinger nounDefinition: one that indicates or foreshadows what is to come; forerunnerSentence: He raised an eyebrow, not about to humor the otherworldly harbinger of bad news.Synonyms: sign
implored verbDefinition: involved by logical necessity; entailed appealed to; beseechedSentence: She implored for mercy.Synonyms: beg
ingratitude nounDefinition: lack of gratitude; ungratefulness Sentence: She returned her daughter’s care with ingratitude and unkindness.Synonyms: unrecognized
interim nounDefinition: a period between two events Sentence: In the interim I’ll just keep my fingers crossed.Synonyms: meantime
mettle nounDefinition: strength of character Sentence: The team showed their true mettle in the second half.Synonyms: determination
minion nounDefinition: a submissive follower or dependant Sentence: My minion does all of my dirty work for me.Synonyms: henchmen
plight nounDefinition: a difficult or adverse situationSentence: We must direct our efforts toward relieving the plight of children living in poverty.Synonyms: predicament
prophetic adjectiveDefinition: of, or a characteristic of, a prophet or prophecy Sentence: His warnings proved prophetic.Synonyms: prescient
surmise verb/nounDefinition: to infer with little evidence; guess; conjecture/ an idea or opinion based on little evidenceSentence: He surmised that something must be wrong.Synonyms: guess
trifles nounDefinition: things of little importance or value; small amountsSentence: We needn’t trouble the headmaster over such trifles.Synonyms: nothing
withered adjectiveDefinition: dried up or shriveled, as if from a loss of moistureSentence: The grass had withered to an unappealing brown.Synonyms: wilt
allegiance nounDefinition: loyalty to a ruler or countrySentence: We pledge allegiance to the United States every morning at school. Synonyms/Variations: loyalty
augment verbDefinition: to add something in order to make it larger or more substantialSentence: He augmented his summer income by painting houses. Synonyms/Variations: increase
carousing verbDefinition: drinking and becoming noisySentence: They danced and caroused until the drink ran out. Synonyms/Variations: party
clamored verbDefinition: shouted and demanded noisilySentence: The surging crowds clamored for attention. Synonyms/Variations: yelled
dire adjectiveDefinition: A severe, serious, or desperate situation or circumstanceSentence: Your actions have dire consequences. Synonyms/Variations: terrible
gild verbDefinition: to cover with a substance; usually gold or gold likeSentence: The crown was gildedSynonyms/Variations: gold-plate
lamenting(s) nounDefinition: expression(s) of grief or sorrowSentence: He was lamenting the death of his dog. Synonyms/Variations: mourning
malice nounDefinition: intention or desire to cause great harm to someoneSentence: I bear no malice toward anybody. Synonyms/Variations: spite
palpable adjectiveDefinition: able to be felted, touchedSentence: I have a palpable bump the bridge of my nose. Synonyms/Variations: noticeable
parley verbDefinition: to talk or negotiate; speak withSentence: They disagreed over whether to parley with the enemy. Synonyms/Variations: discuss
predominance nounDefinition: appearing as most important, powerful; strongest or more common in number or amountSentence: There is a predominance of English language materials on the internet. Synonyms/Variations: prevalence
provoke verbDefinition: to stir emotion in someone; arouseSentence: A teacher can provoke you into working harder. Synonyms/Variations: nag
quenched verbDefinition: satisfied thirstSentence: That ice cold water quenched my thirst. Synonyms/Variations: fulfill
scruples nounDefinition: moral or ethical considerationsSentence: I have no scruples about eavesdropping. Synonyms/Variations: hesitation
summons nounDefinition: calling for service or actionSentence: He was summoned for not paying a parking ticketSynonyms/Variations: citation
affliction nounDefinition: A condition of great physical or mental distressSentence: The strongest personal interest in his life was the affliction which befell him in the loss of his children, one after another.Synonyms/Variations: stress
chide verbDefinition: to put down; to tell someone offSentence: She didn’t chide me for calling early.Synonyms/Variations: chastise
cloistered adjectiveDefinition: secluded from the worldSentence: She had a cloistered upbringing. Synonyms/Variations: sheltered
dauntless adjectiveDefinition: fearless, unable to be intimidatedSentence:Synonyms/Variations:
fruitless adjectiveDefinition: unproductive or unsuccessfulSentence: The crops were fruitless. Synonyms/Variations: sterile
grapple verbDefinition: wrestle or struggle withSentence: he grappled with his decisions. Synonyms/Variations: fight
incensed adjectiveDefinition: made extremely angrySentence: The election made them incensed. Synonyms/Variations: furious
jovial adjectiveDefinition: cheerfulSentence: Babies are jovial. Synonyms/Variations: happy
malevolence nounDefinition: Great evil or harmSentence: Macbeth was in malevolence at the end of the play. Synonyms/Variations: danger
pious adjectiveDefinition: religious; devoutSentence: I am not a pious person. Synonyms/Variations: conservative
purged verbDefinition: removed something undesirable or imperfectSentence: They purged all of the unhealthy food from the refrigerator. Synonyms/Variations: get rid of
scepter nounDefinition: ceremonial staff or rodSentence: The king raised his royal scepter. Synonyms/Variations: cane
sundry adjectiveDefinition: variousSentence: my drawer is filled with sundry items. Synonyms/Variations: miscellaneous
tyrant noun Definition: A harsh or cruel leaderSentence: Donald Trump is a tyrant.Synonyms/Variations: unjust leader
vile adjectiveDefinition: disgusting; wicked; unpleasantSentence: Donald Trump is one of the most vile people on this planet. Synonyms/Variations: revolting
antic nounDefinition: A childish act or gestureSentence: Donald Trump imitating the disabled man was antic. Synonyms/Variations: inappropriate
avaricious adjectiveDefinition: having extreme desire for wealthSentence: I am avaricious. Synonyms/Variations: greedy
bodements nounDefinition: omensSentence: hurting another person is a bad bodement. Synonyms/Variations: foreshadowing
cistem nounDefinition: A tank for storing waterSentence: my water comes from a cistem. Synonyms/Variations: large jug
desolate adjectiveDefinition: without inhabitantsSentence: the moon is a desolate place. Synonyms/Variations: abandon
dolor nounDefinition: intense sadnessSentence: He had feelings of dolor when his mother died. Synonyms/Variations: sorrow
entrails nounDefinition: internal organs, especially the intestinesSentence: Her entrails were ripped from her body. Synonyms/Variations: digestive tract.
laudable adjectiveDefinition: praiseworthySentence: Her community service work is laudable. Synonyms/Variations: commendable
malady nounDefinition: A physical or psychological disorder or diseaseSentence: She was born with many maladies. Synonyms/Variations: disability
pernicious adjectiveDefinition: deadly or destructiveSentence: War is pernicious. Synonyms/Variations: disabling
quarry nounDefinition: an animal or bird that is huntedSentence: Turkey is a type of quarry. Synonyms/Variations: game
relish verbDefinition: to enjoy or take pleasure in somethingSentence: I relish the feeling of victory. Synonyms/Variations: love the feeling of something
resolute adjectiveDefinition: having or motivated by determinationSentence: She was the definition of resolute. Synonyms/Variations: purposeful
sovereignty nounDefinition: supreme authority or ruleSentence: Elizabeth II has sovereignty over Great Britain.Synonyms/Variations: control
teems verbDefinition: has an extremely large number or amountSentence: The queen had terms of jewels. Synonyms/Variations: overflows
agitation nounDefinition: violent shaking or stiringSentence: many of my classmates agitate me. Synonyms/Variations: disturbance
arbitrate verbDefinition: to judge or settle a disputeSentence: Bryce arbitrated the argument. Synonyms/Variations: come to a conclusion
condemn verbDefinition: to consider a person guiltySentence: He was condemned to his room. Synonyms/Variations: shun
divine adjectiveDefinition: connecting or relating to God or godsSentence: Kings used to rule using divine right. Synonyms/Variations: making religious
fortifies verbDefinition: make strongerSentence: My friends fortify me everyday. Synonyms/Variations: strengthen
fury nounDefinition: uncontrollable angerSentence: Fury can overcome me at points. Synonyms/Variations: rage
gentry nounDefinition: people of good family or high social positionSentence: I am not a person of gentry. Synonyms/Variations: rank
mar verbDefinition: to damage Sentence: I marred my school work at the end of the year. Synonyms/Variations: spoil
murky adjectiveDefinition: thick, gloomy, and hard to see throughSentence: They water was too murky to swim in. Synonyms/Variations: foggy
perturbation nounDefinition: something that disturbs or makes one anxiousSentence: David is the definition of perturbation. Synonyms/Variations: feeling uncomfortable
pestered verbDefinition: annoyed constantlySentence: My dog does not stop pestering me to play with him. Synonyms/Variations: bothered
pristine adjectiveDefinition: remaining in a pure state; uncorruptedSentence: my room is pristine. Synonyms/Variations: clean
recoil verbDefinition: move back suddenlySentence: springs recoil after you pull them. Synonyms/Variations: jolt
revolts nounDefinition: rebellions against authoritySentence:Many Americans are revolting against Donald Trump. Synonyms/Variations: protest
upbraid verbDefinition: to criticize sharplySentence: Everyone upbraids Pres. Obama for no good reason. Synonyms/Variations: to reprimand