Macbeth Quotes Act 2

There’s husbandry in heaven; their candles are all out. (Banquo to Fleance) This time is very dark and something bad is going to happen.
Is this a dagger I see before me, the handle toward my hand? (Macbeth soliloquy) Sees a hallucination of dagger, but grabs it and goes to kill Duncan.
Has he not resembled my father as he slept, I had done it. (Lady Macbeth to Macbeth) This is why Lady Macbeth couldn’t kill Duncan herself. First time we see her “soft side.”
Glamis hath murdered sleep, and therefore Cawdor shall sleep no more. Macbeth shall sleep no more. (Macbeth to Lady Macbeth) Macbeth won’t be able to sleep anymore because of what he has done.
I’ll go no more; I am afraid to think what I have done; Look on’t again I dare not. (Macbeth to Lady Macbeth) Lady Macbeth asked Macbeth to go wipe blood onto the grooms. He can’t bring himself to terms to what he just did.
Will all great Neptune’s ocean wash this blood clean from my hand. (Macbeth to Lady Macbeth) Macbeth feels like nothing in the world could ever rid him of the guilt of killing Duncan.
A little water clears us of this deed. How easy it is, then. (Lady Macbeth to Macbeth) Lady Macbeth finds the guilt easy to get rid of.
Wake Duncan with thy knocking; I would though couldst. (Macbeth to knocking at the door) Macbeth expresses guilt for this action and regrets killing Duncan.
Had I but died an hour before this chance, I had lived a blessed time. (Macbeth to Lennox, Donalbain, Lady Macbeth, Macduff, Ross, and Banquo) He wants others to think he is innocent.
From this instant there’s nothing serious in morality. (Macbeth to Lennox, Donalbain, Lady Macbeth, Macduff, Ross, and Banquo) No longer wants to live because Duncan is dead.
To show an unfelt sorry is an office which the false man does easy. (Malcolm to Donalbain) Malcolm doesn’t trust the other men and suspects their pity is just a show.
There’s daggers in men’s smiles; the near blood, the nearer bloody. (Donalbain to Malcolm) Donalbain says the closer they are, the more horrible foes they can become.