Macbeth Plot Summary Act 2

2.1 We Won’t Talk About It-Banquo and Macbeth decide that they shall not discuss the witches prophecy just then and Macbeth has hallucinations of floating daggers
2.2 Daggers-Macbeth is able to kill the king but then returns to LMB with the daggers in tow forcing her to get blood on her hands to place them under the pillows of the guardsmen.
2.3 Fainting-The porter is drunk and believes he is a porter of hell.LMB and Macbeth are both forced to act surprised when the news of Duncan’s murder is revealed. Malcolm and Donalbain flee.
2.4 Daddy Killers-Malcolm and Donalbain are accused of murdering their father due to their rushing to leave. Ross and the old man discuss the unnatural events of the prior night and Macduff not going to Macbeth’s coronation.