Macbeth Act IV Scene 1-2

Describe the three apparitions and their messages. 1) Armed Head -Beware Macduff2) Bloody Child -No man born of woman shall harm him3) Child with a crown & tree branch- Macbeth will not be conquered until Birnumwood comes to Dunsine hill
How do witches answer Macbeth’s question as whether Banquo’s descendants will ever reign? The witches send 8 children
What message does Lennox bring Macbeth? Macduff’s going to England to bring Malcolm back
What action does Macbeth call for? Kill Macduff’s family
What is Ross trying to tell Lady Macduff? Her husband is trying to do something to help
How would you characterize the mother and son’s conversation? Conversation is playful, son is trying to calm her down
How does the scene end? With the murder of Macduff’s family
How has Scotland suffered under Macbeth? What theme is Shakespeare developing by including this conversation? The husbands are dying
Malcolm pretends to be as evil as Macbeth, what is his purpose in doing so? Testing Macduff
Who has agreed to help Malcolm and his supporters? England
What has happened to Macduff’s family? The were murdered
Why does Macduff blame himself for the fate of his family? He left them behind
What does Macduff vow? To kill Macbeth