Macbeth Act IV

Cauldron A large kettle or broiler
Pernicious Causing insidious harm or ruin
Diminutive Extremely small in size
Appease To bring to a state of peace
Avaricious Greedy; covetous
Interdiction To forbid; prohibit
Integrity Adherence to a strict moral code
Witch 2 says, “By the pricking of my thumb, Something wicked this way comes.” Who comes? Macbeth
What is Macbeth’s attitude towards the witches this time? Demanding, hostile
What four things did the witches show Macbeth? What does each show/say? What is Macbeth’s reaction? 1.) An armed head (represents war, beware Macduff)2.) A bloody child (not harmed by anyone of a woman)3.)A crowned child with a tree in its hand(won’t die until a forest comes to Dunsinane, thinks he’ll never die)4.) 8 Kings in a line with Banquo’s ghost following(Banquo saying his son is next)Reaction: He is very spooked!
Macbeth says (about the witches), “Infected be the air whereon they ride, And damned all those that trust them!” What is Macbeth, in effect, saying about himself? He’s admitting that he’s cursed because he believes the witches
Where is Macduff? England
Why does Macbeth have Macduff’s family and servants killed? So there is no way to retaliate or avenge him.
Why does Lady Macduff’s son say liars and swearers are fools? There are more liars and swearers than the Honest Men, so they could revolt!
Malcolm says, “Angels are bright still, though the brightest fell. Though all things foul would wear the brows of grace, Yet grace must still look so.” What does that mean? There’s still good people out there, but the best are gone. (Duncan)
Macduff says, “Oh, Scotland, Scotland!” Why? His love for Scotland is really strong and he can’t believe that there’s no hope left for Scotland.
What news does Ross bring to Macduff? That his entire family and servants/staff are dead.