Macbeth (Act 5)

Does Macbeth seem to be tempting fate to fortify himself at Dunsiane? Yes
Why might he have little concern about this prophecy? The second prophecy said that no man that came from a woman can kill Macbeth.
Why are the doctor and gentlewoman waiting? They want to see Lady Macbeth sleepwalking
Why does the gentlewoman not want to tell the doctor what she knows? Because no one else witnessed it.
Why is it ironic that Lady Macbeth is now afraid of the dark? She’s a dark person
List the specific events that Lady Macbeth recalls during her sleepwalking speech. She’s washing her hands trying to get blood off.Banquo is dead and buried, so he can’t come and get her.
Is there wisdom in the doctor’s conclusion that Lady Macbeth has more need of spiritual help than medical/physical help? Yes, nothing medical could ever fix the guilt she feels.
What signs are pointing toward a mental collapse? She keeps washing her hands trying to get off the imaginary blood, while sleepwalking.
What does the doctor mean when he says to move the means of all “annoyance”? He is afraid that she will kill herself.
What does the doctor anticipate for Lady Macbeth? Suicide, so he is keeping all things that could harm her away from her.
What is about to happen at Birnam Wood? An army is coming to attack Macbeth
Why is this significant? Because it will be the beginning of the unfolding of the witches’ prophecies.
What is happening as Macbeth prepares for battle? He is talking to the doctor about his wife and how she can be fixed, while trying to prepare for battle.
Why does Macbeth claim to have no fear? Is he sincere? He wants to believe that the prophecies are true.. Yes, he is sincere. He believes the prophecies whole-heartedly.
What does it indicate about Macbeth’s state of mind that he will put on his armor before it is needed? It shows that he is scared of what is to come.
How does Malcolm’s order recall the prophecy made to Macbeth? He is bringing Birnam Wood to Dunsinane.
Why doesn’t Macbeth meet these opposing forces in battle, rather than let them lay siege to the castle? Because many of his soldiers moved to the opposing army.
What is Macbeth’s claim as the siege begins? Is this realistic?
“She should have died here after.” How do you interpret this line?
Is Macbeth’s story “a tale/ full of sound and fury/ signifying nothing”?
How does Macbeth react when he is told of Birnam Wood moving toward Dunsinane? Why?
Who will lead the first battalion?
What are Macbeth’s chances at this point?
What does Macbeth see as his only hope?
What force is driving Macbeth as he easily destroys Siward?
What is the outcome by the end of this scene?
How have Macbeth’s soldiers been fighting?
What decision does Macbeth make about how he will accept the loss of the battle and the kingdom?
Why has Macbeth avoided Macduff during the battle?
What does Macbeth tell Macduff about a confrontation between them?
How does Macduff crush Macbeth’s final hope?
What is Macbeth saying about the witches in line 19-22 That they have tricked him and lied to him.
If Macbeth gives himself up, what does Macduff suggest they will do with him? Make it a show. ” Come see the tyrant.”
How does the old soldier, Siward, react to his son’s death? Is he being heartless? He is proud. No, he is just trying to handle it the best way he can.
Who does Macduff kill? Macbeth
At the end of the play, who is to be crowned King of Scotland.
What are some of Macbeth’s admirable traits?
What is the tragic flaw in Macbeth’s character?
What is the theme of Macbeth? Fair is Foul and Foul is fair