Macbeth Act 3

“Thou hast it now-King, Cawdor, Glamis, all/As the Weird Women promised, and I fear/Thou played’st most foully for’t” (Lines 1-3) scene 1 Banquo, soliloquy, Macbeth has all 3 titles as promised by the witches but fears that macbeth killed Duncan
“We hear out bloody cousins are bestowed/In England and in Ireland, not confessing/Their cruel parricide, filling their hears/WIth strange invention (line 33-36)”scene 1 Macbeth to Banquo, Malcolm and donalbain are in hiding, won’t confess to killing their father, blaming Macbeth
“To be thus is nothing,/But to be safely thus.” (lines 52-53) scene 1 Macbeth, soliloquy. To be king means nothing if I can’t keep it
“Do you find/Your patience so predominant in your nature/That you can let this go?” (pages 96-98) scene 1 Macbeth to murderers, are you going to let Banquo get away with ruining your lives?
“Banquo, thy soul’s flight,/If it find heaven, must find it out tonight.” (lines 161-162) scene 1 Macbeth, soliloquy, Banquo will die that night and know if he’s going to heaven
“Things without all remedy/Should be without regard. What’s done is done.” (lines 13-14) scene 2 Lady Macbeth to Macbeth. Stop worrying about killing Duncan and move on. (He’s thinking about killing Banquo and Lady Macbeth thinks he’s still dwelling on Duncan)
“We have scorched the snake, not killed it” (line 15) scene 2 Macbeth to lady Macbeth, by killing duncan, they eliminated one threat but there are still others
“O treachery! Fly, good Fleance, fly, fly,fly!/Thou mayst revenge-O slave!” (line 25-26) scene 3 Banquo to Fleance, run for your life and get revenge on macbeth
“We have lost best half of our affair./Well, leer’s away and say how much is done.” (lines 31-33) scene 3 Murderer to murderer, fleance fled/got away and they have to tell macbeth
“But now I am cabined, cribbed, confined, bound in/To saucy doubts and fears” (lines 26-27)scene 4 Macbeth, aside, feels trapped and scared because fleance got away.
“There is the grown serpent lies. The worm that’s fled/Hath nature that in time will venom breed,/No teeth for th’ present” (lines 32-34) scene 4 Macbeth to murderer, aside, Banquo is dead and Fleance will eventually be a threat.
“Here had we now our country’s honor roofed,/Were the graced person of our Banquo present,/Who may I rather challenge for unkindness.Than pity for mischance” (Lines 46-49) scene 4 Macbeth toast to dinner guests, he hopes Banquo is being rude and nothing happened to him
“The table’s full” (line 54) scene 4 Macbeth to Ross and lennox. He sees Banquo’s ghost in his chair, there is not open seat.
“This is the very painting of your fear./This is the air-drawn dagger which you said/Led you to Duncan” (lines 74-76) scene 4 Lady Macbeth to Macbeth, aside, he’s seeing things out of fear like when he killed Duncan
“Why do you make such faces? When all’s done,/You look but on a stood ” (lines 80-81) scene 4 Lady macbeth to macbeth, aside, why are you scared? you;re looking at an empty chair
“The time has been/ that, when the brains were out, the man would die,/and there an end. But now they rise again…” lines 94-96 scene 4 Macbeth to lady macbeth, aside, dead men used to stay dead but now they come back like Banquo’s ghost
“Stand not upon the order of your going,/ But go at once.” lines 146-147 scene 4 Lady macbeth to guests, don’t leave by rank, just get out, because she’s afraid of what macbeth might say.
“how say’st that macduff denies his person/at our great bidding?” lines 159-160 scene 4 macbeth to lady macbeth, what do you think about macduff not coming to dinner?
“I am in blood/stepped in so far that, should i wade no more,/returning were as tedious as go o’er” lines 168-170 Macbeth to lady macbeth, i might as well continue killing people
“My strange and self-abuse/Is the initiate fear that wants hard use/We are yet but young in deed” lines 174-176 scene 4 Macbeth to lady macbeth, I’m new to killing so I need more practice
“and i, the mistress of your charms/The close contriver of all harms/Was never called to bear my part/or show the glory of our art?” lines 6-9 scene 5 Hecate to the 3 witches, angry that they met with macbeth and didn’t invite her
“He shall spurn fate, scorn death, and bear/His hopes ‘bove wisdom, grace, and fear./And you all know, security/is mortals’ chiefest enemy.” lines 30-33 scene 5 Hecate to 3 witches. lure macbeth into false sense of security and then he’ll start taking foolish chances
“And the right valiant Banquo walked too late, /Whom you may say, if’t please you, Fleance killed, /For Fleance fled” lines 6-8 scene 6 Lennox to lord, sarcastically says that Fleance must’ve killed Banquo because he fled
“Some holy angel/Fly to the court of england and unfold/His message ere he come, that a swift blessing/May soon return to this our suffering country/Under a hand accursed” lines 51-55 scene 6 Lennox to lord, he hopes macduff will get help from malcolm to save Scotland from Macbeth.