Macbeth (Act 3)

Why do you think Banquo has told no one about the prophecies? He doesn’t want to put himself or his son in danger
What will Banquo be doing on this day? He was going to ride horses with Fleance after sunset.
Who are our “bloody cousins”? Malcolm and Donalbain
Explain Macbeth’s line: To be thus (king) is nothing, but to be safely thus…”. To be king is nothing if I’m not safe.
What is the main reason that Macbeth feels Banquo is a threat to him? Banquo is the father of kings, so his descendants are going to take the crown from Macbeth.
Is it likely that Banquo will try to wrench the throne from Macbeth or is it Macbeth’s imagination? Macbeth’s imagination
What does Macbeth tell the murderers to fuel their anger against Banquo? Banquo is the reason for their money problems
How does the second murderer feel about the world? He doesn’t care about anything
Why does Macbeth say that he can’t openly punish Banquo? He doesn’t want to offend him and Banquo’s mutual friends.
How important is Fleance’s death? Very important, he will be the one to take the crown
What does Macbeth say might be better than the nightmares that torment him? Death
Who is “sleeping” more soundly than Macbeth? Duncan
Who do you think is the mysterious third murderer? Lady Macbeth
In the scuffle, Fleance escapes. Does this seem realistic considering his youth? Yes
Why is Fleance’s escape EXTREMELY important?
Why does Macbeth not sit down at the banquet table? The ghost of Banquo is sitting there
How does Lady Macbeth Explain her husband’s strange behavior? That he is having an emotional breakdown that he has been doing since childhood.
Macbeth says, “My own interests and needs take precedence over all else.” Is this the proper attitude for a king? No, the place that he rules over should come first
Why does Macbeth want to see the witches again? He wants to hear more prophecies.
Is retreat possible at this point? No, he’s to far in
What does Lady Macbeth think Macbeth needs? Sleep
How does Macbeth rationalize that he is seeing ghosts? His fears are getting to him and he used to be a good man so how he is acting isn’t normal.
Where has Macduff gone? To ask for help in England
Why has Macduff left his family? To ask for help