macbeth act 2

Macbeth asks Banquo to meet him later for “some words.” What incentive does he offer Banquo? How does Banquo reply? He asks him to stick with him and then there would be a reward. he would do anything for him as long as it would keep his conscience clean.
What gift does King Duncan give to Lady Macbeth as a token of his esteem for her and her husband? A diamond ring
Describe the “fatal vision” that Macbeth has at the end of scene 1. What details fore- shadow the action to come? What does this scene reveal about Macbeth’s feelings concerning the murder? he sees a dagger floating in mid-air, which points towards the chamber of Duncan
Describe Macbeth’s state of mind after he murders Duncan. How is he acting? What is he upset about, besides killing Duncan? What effects does he think the murders will have? He is paranoid and worried about him not being able to sleep and while
Describe Lady Macbeth’s state of mind after the murder. How is she acting? Why is she angry with Macbeth? She angry with him because he trys to frame the guards but he sill has the dagger
What advice does she give Macbeth? She explains to him that is he doesn’t stop thinking about the murder that he will go crazy
In scene 3, what is the porter pretending as he goes to open the gate? What are his opinions about too much drink? He is pondering what it would be like to be the door-keeper of hell. It sets you up for a fall. It gets you up but it keeps you from getting off. It persuades you and discourages you. It gives you an erection but doesn’t let you keep it,
Who discovers Duncan’s body? McDuff
Macbeth’s speech in scene 3, lines 92-97 are significant. Explain why. That when he is like life isn’t worth living anymore
What reason does Macbeth give for killing the two guards? to keep them from protecting the King and being witnesses, and keep them from blaming him But he says he did it out of rage from them killing duncan
Why does Lady Macbeth faint? She was worried that mcbeth would admit that he killed Duncan and he wanted to take the attentuion off of him
Why do Malcolm and Donalbain leave, and where do they go? They are afraid for their lives and they leave to London but this makes them suspicious
In what way has Nature reacted to Duncan’s murder? Lenox says that the chimneys are blown down by unusually strong winds, Screams of death and owl screams are heard throughout the night, there was a earthquake. A owl killed a falcon, and duncans horses went wild. And its dark
Who is suspicious of Macbeth in scene 4? ross