Macbeth – act 2

What cursed thoughts does banqou have? He had a dream about the ‘weird sisters’ and apparently they showed him some truth
what lie does macbeth tell banquo he hasnt thought about the witches at all
What causes macbeth to think he sees a dagger? he is hallucinating from being so uneasy about killing duncan, starts to imagine things
at the end of scene 1, a bell rings. What does this mean? its time to kill the queen
Omen of death lady macbeth hears an owl’s call
Why doesnt lady macbeth commit the murder herself? he looks like her father
How did macbeth mismanage the murder? he brought the daggers back with him instead of leaving them with the gaurds, he then killed the guards, placed them there and smeared blood on the guards
Why does macduff come to macbeth’s castle king duncan asked him to come earlier that morning
What unusual things happened to macduff and lennox during the night? big storms, screams of death which symbolize the death of the king
Who discovers the murder macduff
Why does macbeth say he killed the kings men? he was so angry that he killed them in return, but really so that there were no witnesses
Why does lady macbeth faint? she hears news of macbeth killing innocent people
What do malcom and donalbain do? the flee because they think whoever killed Duncan is after them
Where did malcom flee? england
Where did donalbain flee? Ireland
Who do the public think killed Duncan? The guards but paid off by someone else
Who has been named king? Macbeth
Why doesnt macduff show up to the coronation? Doesnt think macbeth deserves title
Who is suspicious of macbeth’s rapid ascent to the throne? Banquo and Macduff
“Is this a dagger which I see before me, the handle toward my hand?” macbeth
“Sleep no more, macbeth does murder sleep” macbeth
“the sleeping and the dead are but as pictures” Lady macbeth
“will all great neptunes oceans wash this blood clean from my hand?” macbeth
“Well, may you see things well done there, adieu. Lest our old robes sit easier than our new” Macduff