what is the purpose of Macbeth? pet the ego of James I
who is the successor of Queen Elizabeth? James I
2 black marks against James I? Scottish and following Queen Elizabeth’s reign
why did Shakespeare right Macbeth in order to pet James I ego? friends with Elizabeth and scared James I is going to kill him
what did James I give to us? King James Bible
how many acts do Shakespeare’s plays have? 5
what are the types of plays Shakespeare wrote? History, Comedy and Tragedy
King of Norway? King Duncan
what are Duncan’s two sons names? Malcolm and Donaldbain
who was the war with Duncan between? Sweno
what is a thane in this story? a military mayor
who is the thane of Cawdor? Macdonwald
Macdonwald is the thane of what? Cawdor
what does Macdonwald decide to be instead of a thane? a trader
sweno tells macdonwald if he helps him defeat duncan he will give him what? scotland
name of Duncan’s palace Forres
what was the sailor’s wife eating that the witch tried to take from her? chestnuts
what is the only power the witches have? make the wind blow
what does the witch do to revenge the sailor wife that wouldn’t give her chestnuts? blew the wind while on sea and his fatigue from sleeplessness caused him to crash and he drowned
what did the witch take from the sailor as proof and defeat reward? his thumb
describe the witches skinny lips, red chapped face, and beards
who is the new thane of Cawdor after Macdonwald? Macbeth
3 prophesies from witches 1. Macbeth is Thane of Cawdor2. Macbeth will be King3. Banquo Father of Kings
what are two things that Shakespeare has given us? soliloquy and aside
what is a soliloquy? a monologue
what is an aside? talking to audience, everyone else on stage “can’t hear them”
What did Macbeth do to became Thane of Cawdor? nothing, he just did his job
What is the name of Macbeth’s castle? Inverness
who is the previous thane of Cawdor? MacDonwald
who is hung for confessing to being a traitor? Macdonwald
two reasons it is good that Macdonwald confessed to be a traitor? • They know for sure they got the right person• They believed that since he confessed, God will forgive him & he can still go to Heaven
what title does Duncan give Malcolm? Prince of Cumerbland
who is called the Prince of Cumberland? Malcolm
do Macbeth and Lady Macbeth have a good or bad relationship? good
why is macbeth and Lady Macbeth’s relationship to good? communication
what is Macbeth’s character flaw? he is too nice
who says “If it were done, what’s done…it was done well.” Macbeth
who is planned to get blamed for the murder of Duncan? the body guards
“we will proceed no more in this business” Macbeth
what gift does Duncan bring Lady Macbeth diamond
who gives Lady Macbeth a diamond Duncan
what vision did Banquo have? dagger floating in the air
what happens in Banquo’s vision that was the first clue that the murderer would be Macbeth and not Lady Macbeth the handle of the floating dagger turn towards Macbeth
“tell my mistress to ring the bell when the time comes” Macbeth
whats the sign Lady Macbeth will give to Macbeth when time to kill Duncan ring the bell
why couldn’t lady macbeth kill Duncan? he looked like her father and has given her a diamond
what are the similarities between Duncan and Lady Macbeth’s father? men, scottish, old
“green waters will turn red” Macbeth
who is the gate keeper? the Porter
who is the gate keeper (Porter) symbolic for? gate keeper of hell
who’s gone to “hell”? Macbeth
who’s a Thane; not very important one? Lennox
who’s the Thane of Fife? Macduff
why can’t Macbeth do anything to Banquo? they have common friends
who is Banquo’s son? Fleance
what two supernatural events happened in Vernesse? falcon killed by owl and Duncans horses broke out and eating eachother
what did the falcon being killed by the owl mean? (lesser killed the greater) Malcolm and Donaldbein killed their father so they can get their inheritance sooner (even though this was false)
what did Duncan’s horses breaking out and eating each other mean? Duncans sons have broken out of the constraint of their father and devoured each other & killed their father
where is the inauguration of kings taken place? Scone
who is head of the witches? Hecate
why is Hecate mad? she wasn’t called in with the messing of Macbeth
another name for Hell? or in greek; a river leading to Hades Acheron
where does Hecate tell the three witches to meet her in the morning? Acheron
where will Macbeth come to know his destiny? (according to Hecate) Acheron
“double double toil and trouble fire burn and cauldron bubble” three witches
what is the name of the song the witches are singing around the cauldron? Black Spirits
what does the armed head spirit warn? beware Macduff
what does the bloody baby spirit warn? no man born of woman can hurt macbeth
what does the crowned child with branch in hand spirit warn? until Birnam Wood ascends into D. Castle no man can hurt Macbeth
what does the last of the 8 kings marching by have in his hands? mirror
what does the mirror the last king holds show? James I
where does Macduff flee to? England
why did Macduff flee to England? to talk Malcolm into coming back to Scotland
who is Lady Macduff’s cousin? Ross
what is a traitor according to Lady Macduff? someone who breaks a promise
who should hang traitors, according to Lady Macduff? the honest men
what does Lady Macduff think should happen to those who are traitors? they should be hung
how does Lady Macduff’s son know she is lying about Macduff being dead? she is not crying
why does Malcolm say it is better for Macbeth to be king? (lies) his sexual desires and greed (malcolm’s)
where is King Edward? out healing people
what disease/hurt does king edward heal? swollen gland on necks
how does king edward heal people? places gold coin around their neck and says a holy prayer
how many soldiers are with Siward? 10,000
“Security is mortals chiefest enemy” Hecate
who is Malcolm’s uncle? OLD Siward
Why won’t the Gentlewoman just TELL the doctor what Lady M. does at night? it would be treason
who are the 3 armies? 1) 10,000 Englishmen2) Scotsmen3) Disgruntled Scots
who leads the 10,000 Englishmen army? OLD Siward
who leads the Scotsmen army? Macduff
who leads the Disgruntled Scots army? (5) Ross, Angus, Lennox, Caithness and Menteith
where are the armies marching to? Birnam
why does Macbeth yell at his servant? for being pale
Macbeth’s lieutenant and attendant? Seyton
who tells Macbeth to put his armor on? Seyton
what does Malcolm order all his soldiers to do? pick a branch and hold it out in front of them
why can Macduff kill Macbeth (even though no man born from mothers womb can kill him)? hecut out of mother’s womb before he could be born naturally
who kills Macbeth? Macduff
where does Donaldbain run to after Duncan is killed? Ireland
who is the trader to scotland? Macdonwald
what is the first supernatural thing to occur? floating dagger
who to the people of scotland killed Banquo? his son, Fleance
who discovers the bloody body of Duncan? Macduff
Name of Macbeth’s castle? Iverness
where is Duncan killed (castle) ? Iverness-Macbeth’s
What does Macbeth say to murderers that make them want to kill Banquo? He told them that he overly taxed them and made them poor
who is the first Thane of Cawdor? Macdonwald
who is the fist maid/lady to Lady Macbeth? Hand Maiden
what are two signs of Lady Macbeth’s guilt? ringing of her hands and afraid of the dark
Last fatal mandate Macbeth gives? go kill everyone who talks of fear