English 12 Macbeth Act 1 Selection Test

betrayal What is the central theme of Act 1?
to create an effect of natural speech For which of the following reasons did Shakespeare probably choose to write Macbeth in blank verse?
a desire for power What appears to be Macbeth’s character flaw?
it has ten syllables with the stress falling on every second syllable Which of the following characterizes the line “This night’s great business into my dispatch” as blank verse?
they foreshadow events What important role do the witches play in Act 1?
he places a high value on bravery and loyalty Based upon the information in Act 1, what can you infer about King Duncan?
tortured ambivalence Which of the following best describes Macbeth’s feelings about the possible assassination of King Duncan?
his ambition is not of a ruthless nature Why does Lady Macbeth think Macbeth has a poor chance of achieving power?
he has contemplated assassinating King Duncan Why are Macbeth’s words to King Duncan hypocritical?
his wife’s encouragement Throughout Act 1, Macbeth’s plans and actions seem to be motivated most of all by:
furbished brighten; polished
prophetic having the power to predict or foreshadow
surmise to form an opinion from inconclusive evidence
liege lord or king
chastise to condemn sharply; scold
metaphysical very abstract
sovereign supreme in power, rank, or authority
metaphysical Lady Macbeth wants her husband to possess the golden crown which fate and _______ aid stem ready to give him.
furbished After Macbeth’s first victory, the Norwegian lord, with __________ arms and new supplies of men, began a fresh assault.
liege My _______ Malcolm says to Duncan
prophetic Macbeth calls the predictions a _________ greeting
chastise Lady Macbeth plans to _______ with the valor of her tongue.