King Lear (Violence)

3 ways violence is portrayed within the play? -Lear cursing his daughters-Gloucester getting his eyes removed-Random, justly or not
What way is violence conveyed when Lear threatens violence? Through hyperbolic language
Quote of Lear threatening violence? “All the stored vengeances of heaven fall/On her ingrateful top! Strike her young bones,”
What way is violence shown in Gloucester’s eye cutting? Graphic that it had to be censored sometimes
Quote for Gloucester losing his eyes? “Out, vile jelly” and Regan plucks his beard
What ways is random violence shown? Chaos and killing of anyone such as Cordelia and Edmund
Quotes for just violence? “Thy arm may do thee justice: here is mine.”
Quotes for unjust violence? “Why should a dog, a horse, a rat, have life,And thou no breath at all?”