King Lear- Tegan

Cornwall- who’s there the traitor? Infrateful fox! Tis he.
Cornwall- bind him I say Hard. Hard. O filthy traitor.
Gloucester- it’s most if only done to pluck me by the beard. So white, and such a traitor!
Cornwall- come sir what letters had you late from France? To whose hands have you sent the lunatic king?
Gloucester- to Dover. Wherefore to Dover? Wast thou not charged at peril—
Gloucester- I’m tied to the stake and I must stand the course. Wherefore to Dover, sir?
Gloucester- o cruel! O you gods! One side will mock the other. The other too.
First servant- but better service have I never done you than now to bid you hold. How now, you dog!
First servant- may then come on and take the chance of anger Give me they sword. A peasant stand up thus!
Gloucester- where’s my son Edmund? Thou callst on him that hated thee. It was he that made the overture of thou treasons to us. Who is too good to pity thee.
Gloucester- king gods forgive me that and prosper him! Go thrust him out at gates and let him smell his way to Dover.