King Lear (Suffering)

3 ways suffering is presented within King Lear? -Lear’s suffering-Gloucester’s suffering-Undeserved Suffering through Kent and Edgar
How is Lear’s suffering shown? Through his daughters rejection
Quote for Lear’s suffering? ‘a disease that’s in my flesh … a boil / A plague-sore, or embossed carbuncle, / In my corrupted blood’
What is the effect of Lear’s suffering? Lear becomes compassionate and humanistic
Quote for Lear’s anagnorisis? “thou wert better in thy grave than to answer/with thy uncovered body this extremity of the skies./Is man no more than this?”
Critic for Lear’s suffering? “The suffering in tragedy is not an end but a product and a means” Robert Heilman
How is Gloucester’s suffering conveyed? Physically through his eyes and inside
Quote for Gloucester’s suffering? “Is wretchedness deprived that benefit,/To end itself by death?”
Motif for Gloucester’s suffering? The Gods toying with his fate
Quote for Gloucester god’s? “As flies to wanton boys, are we to the gods.They kill us for their sport.”
Undeserving suffering is depicted how? Through Kent and Edgar
Quote for Kent suffering? “Pray, do not, sir: I have watched and travell’d hard;/Some time I shall sleep out, the rest I’ll whistle.”
Quote for Edgar suffering? “And with presented nakedness out-face/The winds and persecutions of the sky.”
Motif for both of their suffering? Nature’s relentless onslought and fate
Quote for Kent nature? “Fortune, good night: smile once more: turn thy wheel!”
Quote from Edgar Nature? “And by the happy hollow of a tree/Escaped the hunt.”