King Lear Quotes – Edgar

Poor tom Poor Tom, that’s something yet…Edgar I nothing am.
World Oh world…thy strange mutations make us hate thee!
Ripeness Ripeness is all
Cold Tom’s a-cold
Avenge This sword, this arm and my best spirits are bent to prove…thou liest
Gods The gods are just, and of our pleasant vices make instruments to plague us.
Cliff Dizzy ’tis to cast one’s eyes so low
Despair Why do I trifle thus with his despair
Life Thy life’s a miracle
Sight Oh, thou side-piercing sight!
Oswald Ch’ill pick your teethI know thee, a serviceable villain
To Gloucester Sit you down father, rest you
Reason Reason in madness
To albany I can produce a champion that will prove
To Edmund My name is lost by treason…yet am I nobles as the adversary
About Gloucester’s death His flawed heart…burst smilingly
Traitor Thou art a traitor, false to thy gods, thy brother and thy father
about Gloucester Led him, begged for him, saved him from despair.
End Speak what we feel, not what we ought to say
End We that are young shall never see so much nor live so long