King Lear quotes act 4,5

i have no way and therfore want no eyes. i stumbled when i saw. gloucester
there is a cliff, whose high and bending head looks fearfully in the confined deep gloucester
decline your head. this kiss, if durst speak, would stretch thy spirits up into the air goneril
you are not worth the dust which the rude wind blows in your face albany
milk-livered man, that bear’st a cheek for blows, a head for wrongs… goneril
but being a widow and my gloucester with her may all the building in my fancy pluck upon my hateful life goneril
a sovergin shame so elbows him- his own unkindness.. that burning shame detains him from cordelia kent
alack, tis he!… crowned with rank fumiter and furrow weeds.. amd all the idle weeds that grow in our sustaining corn cordelia
it was great ignorance, gloucesters eyes being out, to let him live regan
why should she wrote edmund?.. let me unseal the letter regan
methinks the ground is even gloucester
o you mighty gods! this works i do renouce.. if Edgar live, o bless him! now fellow, fare the well gloucester
then masts at eavh make not the altitude which thou has perpendicularly fell edgar
henceforth ill bear affliction till it do cry out itself “enough, enough” and die gloucester
when the rain came to wet me once and the wind to make me chatter, when the thunder would not peace at my bidding, there i found ’em, there i smelt them out lear
o indistinguished space of womans will! a plot on her virtuous husbands life edgar
be your tears wet? yes faith. i pray, weep not. if you have poison for me, i will drink it lear
pray you now forget, amd forgive. i am old and foolish lear
i never shall endure her. dear my lord, be not familiar with her regan
combine together ‘gainst the enemy, for these domestic and larticular broils are not the question here goneril
before you fight the battle, ope this letter edgar
to both of these sisters have i sworn my love, each jealous of the other as the stung are of the adder edmund
which of them shall i take? both? one? neither? edmund
king lear hath lost, he and his daughter ta’em edgar
men must endure edgar
so we’ll live, and pray, and sing, and tell old tales, and laugh.. lear
what have you charged me with, that i have done, amd more, much more edmund
the gods are just, and our pleasant vices make intruments to plague us edgar
th’hast spoken right. ’tis true. the wheel is come full circle edmund
he hath commission from thy wife and me to hang cordelia in the prison, amd to lay the blame upon her own despair edmund
for us, we will resign, during the life of this old majesty, to him our absolute power albany
why should a dog, a horse, a rat have life, and thou no breath at all? lear
o. let him pass! he hates him that would upon the rack of this though world stretch him out longer kent