King Lear Definitions

abate to reduce in intensity or amount
amity friendship
auspicious favorable
baseness the quality of lacking higher values
bedlam a place or scene of wild and mad uproar; an extremely confusing scene
beguile the deceive, to mislead, to persuade with charm
bestow to grant or give
clamor loud noise or shouting
contentious quarrelsome, stirring controversy
credulous believing on slight evidence, gullible
debauchery moral corruption
defile to make dirty, to pollute
degeneration a state of decline
depravity moral corruption, a wicket or perverse act
derision scoffing at, mockery, ridicule
diffidence shyness, reserve, unassertiveness
diffuse to spread in all directions
diligent characterized by steady, attentive, and energetic effort in a pursuit or study
discern to differentiate between two or more things
disdain intense dislike; to treat with scorn or contempt, to reject as unworthy
dotard a senile person
endow to provide with income or property, to supply with a talent or quality
engender to cause, to produce, to create
enmity absolute hatred
entreaty a plea, an earnest request