King Lear – Cordelia Quotes

A1.S1: In the love test, Cordelia provides stark contrast to the extravagant professions of Goneril and Regan – suggesting that love does not stem from selfish/materialistic orgins ‘Love and be silent’
A1.S1: Cordelia supports the idea that the act of loving is worth more than can be justified in words ‘I am sure my love’s more richer than my tongue’
A1.S1: Cordelia challenges the natural and expected submission to her father – challenging the contemporary role of women and their place in society ‘I love your Majesty according to my bond; no more, no less’
A1.S1: Cordelia accuses her sisters of their scheming and exposes her true love and loyalty to Lear ‘I know what you are’
A4.S7: Cordelia asks the Gods to help Lear – wants to restore the natural order ‘Cure this great breach in his abused nature’
A4.S7: Cordelia highlights the difference between her and Goneril and Regan by showing much more respectful language – restoring the natural order ‘How does my royal lord? How fares your majesty?’
A4.S7: Cordelia physically and metaphorically prevents Lear from falling any lower ‘No, sir, you must not kneel’
A5.S3: Cordelia sacrifices everything to honour Lear and what he stands for both as monarch and her father ‘For thee, oppressed king, I am cast down’