King Lear act 4&5 test

At the start of Act 4, Gloucester plans to kill himself. How does he intend to dothis? by throwing himself off a cliff
I have no way; therefore won’t no eyes; I___________ when I saw Stumbled
As ___________ to wanton boys, are we the gods. They kill us for their ___________. Flies……sport
As act 4 progressed, there is growing rivalry between Regan and Goneril. What re they competing with each other for Edmund
Identify the speaker: O Goneril! You are not worth the dust which the rude wind. Blows in your face. Albany
To which animals in the cat family does Albany compare Regan and Goneril? Tigers
Why will the king of France not lead his troops into battle He has had to return to France on urgent business
Lear’s behavior shows that he is insane. He has been seen singing in the fields wearing what on his head? A crown of weeds and flowers
According to the doctor, what does Lear need to restored to sanity? Rest
What is Cordelia motivation for going to war on her sister Love for their father
Identify the speaker:No blown ambition doth our arms incite, but love, dear love, and our fathers right Cordelia
Why does Regan want Gloucester dead? His wretched state inspires pity in all who see him
What is the result of Gloucester’s failed suicide attempt? Gloucester decides to endure his suffering until he dies of natural causes
Identify the speaker:They flattered me likes a god and told me I had white hairs in my beard ere the black ones were there. To say “ay” and “no” to everything that say “ay” and “no” to was no good divinity. Lear
Complete the quotation.When we are born, we __________ that we are comeTo this great stage of __________. Cry…..fools
Why does Oswald try kill Gloucester Regan has promised promotion to whoever kills Gloucester
Who kills Oswald? Edgar
Edgar finds Goneril’s letter to Edmund. What does she ask Edmund to do in this letter? To murder her husband, Albany
When Lear and Cordelia are reunited, what does Lear ask of Cordelia? Forgiveness
At the end of act 4 who leads Cornwall’s army Edmund
At the start of act 5 what does Edgar give to Albany Gonerils letter
While Gloucester is resting under a tree, Edgar bring some terrible news whichmakes the old man feel hopeless. What bad news does Edgar bring? Lear and Cordelia have lost the battle and they have been captured.
Identify the speaker and complete the quotation.Men must endureTheir going hence, even as their coming hither;__________ is all. Edgar… Ripeness
Complete the quotation.We are not the ______Who, with _____ meaning, have incurred the _______ first …. best ….worst
What secret orders does Edmund send with the captain as Lear and Cordelia aretaken to prison? Cordelia is to be killed, and it made look like suicide.
Identify the speaker and the person he addresses.I hold you but a subject of this war,Not as a brother Albany … Edmund
Of what crime does Albany accuse Edmund? treason
Who fights with and mortally wounds Edmund? Edgar
Complete the quotation.The gods are just and of our pleasant vicesMake instruments to plague us:The dark and vicious place where thee he gotCost him his ______. Eyes
Why does Albany call for the trumpet to sound? It’s a signal for Edgar to return to challenge Edmund.
How does Gloucester die? His heart burst with emotion.
How does Regan die? She is poisoned by Goneril
How does Goneril die? She is killed by herself
How does Cordelia die? She is hanged
Complete the quotation.Is this the promised _____?Or image of that ________?. end … horror
Who was Caius? It was the name used by Kent when he was disguised.
Complete the quotation.All’s cheerless, dark and _________. Deadly
Identify the speaker.All friends shall tasteThe wages of their virtue, and all foesThe cup of their deservings. Albany
To whom is Kent referring when he says?Vex not his ghost; O, let him pass! He hates himThat would upon the rack of this tough worldStretch him out longer. Lear
Albany offers Kent a role in restoring and ruling the kingdom. Why does Kentrefuse to accept this offer? He expects to die soon