King Lear Act 4 Study Questions

Why does Edgar tell Gloucester the way they are traveling is ” horrible steep’? Gloucester asked him to lead him to the edge of a cliff; Edgar is trying to convince him that’s where they are headed.
What details does Edgar provide to further convince his father that they are on the top of the cliff? The smell of the sea, the birds, the fishermen below.
Why is Edgar so upset to see Lear? Lear is dressed with wildflowers and has obviously lost his mind completely.
How do Lear’s wild ravings help to develop the theme of justice and injustice? He talks about hypocrisy, and complains about the lack of true order in the world.
How does Lear’s speech affect Edgar? Edgar sees some wisdom in what Lear says.
How do you know that while Gloucester won’t try to end his own life, he’s not anxious to go on living? Gloucester tells Oswald to “put some strength to it” when Oswald says he’ll kill him.
What happens to Oswald? Oswald decides he’ll try to kill Gloucester to get Goneril and Regan on his side.
What happens when Lear wakes up after being given the herbs? At first he thinks he has died, and that Cordelia is an angel. He comes to his senses and realizes where he is, asks Cordelia to forgive him.
What irony is in this act? The Gentleman tells Kent he’s heard that Edgar and Kent are in Germany.
Why does Edgar say ” Who is’t can say I a the worst.” He thought things couldn’t get any worse but then sees his blinded father.
What is Gloucester’s mood as he speaks with Edgar? Despairing, depressed, ashamed.
What information does Oswald have for Goneril about Albany? Albany, a changed man, is having second thought about being on Cornwall, Regan, and Goneril’s side.
How did Cornelia react to the news about her father’s insanity? She was tearful, and had sympathy for Lear.
What are Cornelia’s plans for her father? She hopes to find him and cure his insanity.