King Lear: ACT 4 SCENE 6

What quote shows Gloucester beginning to release and look past Edgar’s disguise? “Methinks thy voice is altered and thou speak’st in better phrase”
What quote through the use of asides marks Edgar’s moral dispute in intervening with his father’s struggle? “Why I do trifle with his despair”
What quote shows Gloucester to be innately good as in his ‘final words’ there is no ill-intent or vengeance towards Edgar? “If Edgar live, O bless him!”
What quote reminds the audience of the sinful act of suicide? “How conceit may rob the treasury of life”
What quote adds an additional layer of deceit as Edgar pretends, once again, to be a different person? “Ho, you, Sir! Friend, hear you sir?, Speak!”
What quote shows Gloucester is unhappy to continue living? “Too well too well”
What quote shows Edgar describing a devil allowing Gloucester to jump in an attempt to re-install his faith in the gods? “He had a thousand noses, horns whelked and waved like the enraged sea”
What stagecraft shows Lear is now at one with nature? Enter Lear mad [crowned with wild flowers]
What quote shows Lear’s belief within his power has been restored? “I am the King himself”
What is an example of Lear’s nonsensical ramblings to emphasise his downfall to madness? “Look, look, a mouse: peace, peace, this piece of toasted cheese will do it”
What quote shows despite Lear’s learning he still believes his downfall was due to Goneril and Regan’s deception (rather than his role in believing the deception)? “They flattered me like a dog and told me I had the white hairs in beard ere the black ones were there”
What quote shows Lear’s recognition of his epiphany to his new role and status within society and the world? “When the thunder would not peace at my bidding, there I found ’em there I smelt ’em out”
What quote shows Gloucester cannot see Lear’s poverish appearance and remembers him as King role? “Is’t not the King?”
What quote marks the evolution of Lear’s morals and his ability to understand (it also contrasts Goneril and Regan’s unjust punishment and shows Lear to be forgiving)? “Adultery? Thou shalt not die – die for adultery? No!”
What quote shows Lear’s misogynistic comparison of women to seductresses who are sexually driven? “Down from the waist they are centaurs, though women all above”
What quote demonstrates Gloucester’s devotion, respect and love for Lear? “O, let me kiss that hand!”
What quote shows Lear’s new found awareness for his human position, old age and imminent death? “Let me wipe it first, it smells of mortality”
What quote reflects Gloucester’s belief in the natural order and his shock at its disruption? “O ruined piece of nature”
What quote heightens the sense of tragedy as the audience is unsure is Lear recognises Gloucester due to his madness? “Dost thou know me?”
What quote links to the letter Edmund showed to Gloucester causing the exile of Edgar (showing Gloucester could not see past the deception)? “Were all thy letters suns, I could not see one”
What quote alludes to Lear’s madness from preventing him from being fully empathetic towards Gloucester (alternatively Lear could be mocking Gloucester’s suffering)? “Read”
What quote acts as a criticism of wealth and power, showing nothingness helped learning? “Your eyes are in a heavy case, your purse in a light”
What role does Lear take on in this scene? The role of the Fool – through riddles Lear portrays the harsh truths both himself and Gloucester have learnt
What quote shows Gloucester is more dependant on feelings rather than what he can see? “I see it feelingly”
What quote links to the perception of appearance over function? “Plate sin with gold”
What quote has connotations of transparency and clearness” “Get thee glass eyes”
What quote is a metaphor demonstrating the effects of deception and illusions (acting as an attack on Elizabethan government)? “And like a scurvy politician seem to see the things thou dost not”
What key literary device is used in this scene? Nemesis – refers to a situation of poetic justice, where good characters are rewarded for their virtues and evil characters punished for their voices
What quote links to material wealth and its negatives? “Through tattered clothes great vices do appear”
What quote symbolises the great suffering experienced throughout life? “When we are born we cry that we are come to this great stage of fools”
What quote shows Lear recognises his madness? “I am cut to the brains”
What quote shows an attempt of order trying to be restored? “You are a royal one and we obey you”
What stagecraft demonstrates the full extent of Lear’s madness? Exit running [followed by attendants]
What quote cultivates pity from the audience for Lear? “Thou hast one daughter who redeems nature from the general curse”
What quote shows Gloucester welcoming death? “You ever gentle gods, take my breath from me”
What quote shows Edgar withholding the truth and being more honest to his father? “Who, by the art of known and feelings sorrow, am pregnant to good pity”
What quote shows Oswald is motivated by his toxic ambition and own greed (also adds weight to Lear’s sentiments from earlier concerning how money corrupts people)? “A proclaimed prize; most happy!”
What quote shows Gloucester accepting his fate and death? “Now let thy friendly hand put strength enough to’t”
What quote shows Edgar protecting his father; emphasising the importance of family bonds and honour? “Nay, come not near th’old man”
What quote shows Edgar believes the murder of Oswald is justified as he was an accessory to Goneril/Regan’s wickedness? “I know thee well; a serviceable villain”
Why may Oswald’s murder be seen as unjust? – Edgar seeks personal vengeances and attacks any resemblance of the society that exiled him- Edgar plays ‘god’ by orchestrating Gloucester’s and Oswald’s fate
What quote shows Edgar blaming Goneril rather than Edmund, showing he is deluded by his family bond? “A plot upon her virtuous husband’s life and the exchange my brother”