king lear act 4 questions

who is leading the blind duke as the scene opens old man
who leads Gloucester to Dover Edgar
What is Edgar’ mood in his soliloquy he feels encouraged
how does Edgar feel when he sees his blind father worse than ever
what does the old man to bring for edgar clothing
how does the old man respond to Gloucester request for clothes he will bring him the best clothing he has
why is it difficult for Edgar to keep up his disguise it is hard fro him to see his father in such a condition; he feels bad
why does Gloucester give Edgar his purse he trusts him
In this scene how does Gloucester feel about the distribution of wealth each person should have just enough
where does Gloucester want Edgar to lead him near Dover near dover, on a high cliff, overlooking the sea
why does Goneril send Edmund away when they arrive at Albany’s palace doesn’t think he would be welcomed by Albany
In ways has Albany’s disposition change he smiles when told about the french army approaching, yet grimaces at the mention of his wife
to what does Goneril attribute Albany’s change calls him a coward
what does Albany accuse Goneril of doing treating her father cruelly
what news does Goneril bring to her husband, Albany impending French invasion
in what ways does goneril compare Edmund with Albany Edmumd is more of a man than Albany ever was
how does Albany describe Goneril’s personality she is the devil disguised as a woman
what important news does the messenger bring to Goneril and Albany Cornwall is dead
what is Gonerils reaction to Cornwalls death she has mixed feelings:glad (becausebshe has more power) and angry(beause Regan is now a widow and currently with Edmund)
Why does Albany want revenge because his eyes were taken out
where has the king of France gone back to France
what letter does Kent ask the gentleman about the letters that Kent has written to Cordelia. vice versa
what is cordelia’ reaction to Kent’s letters about her father mixed reactions
what reason does Kent give for difference in Lear’s daughters the stars
why does Lear refuse to see his daughter Cordelia ashamed and he feels guilty
who will watch over the King in Kent’s abscence Gentleman
is Kent aware that Cornwall has died no
what does the holy water represent in this scene Cordelia’s tears
Who are the “dog-hearted” daughter whom Kent refers to Regan and Goneril
where is Lear in this scene in Dover
as Cordelia enters, what has she heard regarding the king he is singing loudly, wearing a crown of thorns
what does Cordelia instruct her officer to do search for the king until he finds him
who does Cordelia depend to heal her father doctor
what will the doctor use in his treatment of the king medicinal herbs
what kind of treatment does the doctor prescribe he needs to sleep
in what ways will Cordelia’s tears aid the King’s treatment they will help grow the herbs he needs
why is Cordelia anxious to find her father soon she is afraid he won’t have that much time
why is Cordelia’s army invading to set things right
what is this scene’s main function background on king lears condition
what was the king wearing when Cordelia last saw him his royal robes
has Albany raised an army to fight France yes
who is a better soldier than albany amd why Goelneril, she is ambitious, desire for power
what does Regan think Edmund has set out to do murder his father
why does Regan want Gloucester out of the way he will create enemies for Regan
who sent Oswald with a letter for Edmund Goneril
why does Regan want to read Goneril’s letter to Edmund she sees her sister as a rival for Edmunds affection
does Oswald know what the letter contains no
according to Regan what are the obvious signs of Goneril’s love for Edmund she’s been gazing at him
what does Regan ask Oswald to do to Gloucester kill him
How does Oswald feel about his instructions to kill Gloucester he could care less as long as it benefits him
how is Edgar dressed in this scene as a peasant
where is Gloucester standing when Edgar tells him he is at the Edge of the cliff on flat land
who does Gloucester think has saved him when he supposedly jumped off the cliff the gods
what does Edgar call Gloucester after he has jumped father
how does Gloucester say he can see without eyes with feeling
what is the “great stage of fools” the world
who is Oswald’ proclaimed prize Gloucester
who killed Oswald to protect Gloucester Edgar
what are Goneril and Edmund plotting against Albany to kill him
what is the gentleman’s news to Edgar about the war with France the French army has arrived and will be fighting very shortly
why does kent prefer not to reveal his true identity to anyone except Cordelia he still needs to execute his plan
in what way has the kings attire been changed he is wearing fresh garments
why is the king able to sleep so well he has been given herbal medicine
how long has it been since Cordelia has seen her father since he kicked her out from the kingdom
when Lear awakens where does he think he has been taken from the grave
is King Lear angry at Cordelia in this scene no
how does Cordelia feel when her father finally recognizes her as his daughter she feels overwhelmed with joy
why does the doctor won’t Cordelia and the others to leave the King Alone after they have spoken with him for a while he doesn’t want to overexert him
what news does the gentleman tell the disguised Kent about Edgar and Kent Edgar and Kent are in Germany
who has taken the former Duke of cornwall’s place as the leader of the people Edmund