King Lear Act 3 Quotes

Act 3 Scene 2 “I am a man more sinned against than sinning.” Lear (says this as he is yelling at the storm. He says that the gods are punishing people who have committed crimes and that these criminals should be in fear.)
Act 3 Scene 3 “The younger rises when the old doth fall.” Edmund (says this alone after he talks to Gloucester about how Gloucester is going to keep Lear inside his house. After Gloucester leaves he says that he is going to tell the duke immediately about the letter and about how he’s keeping the king and that Gloucester will get what he deserves)
Act 3 scene 4 “This tempest in my mind doth from my senses take all feeling else save what beats there.” Lear (says this to Kent. He is saying that although Kent thinks its really bad that Lear is being soaked by the storm, the storm is keeping Lear from thinking about all of the bad things that are happening to him. )
Act 3 Scene 4 “Nothing could have subdued nature to such a lowness but his unkind daughters.” Lear (when he first meets Edgar on the streets he asks him what could have brought him to such a low position, and Lear says that nothing could have degraded him to this point but evil daughters)
Act 3 Scene 4 “Canst thou blame him? His daughters seek his death…thou sayest the king grows mad; I’ll tell thee, friend, I am almost mad myself. I had a son, now outlawed from my blood. He sought my life but lately, very late. I loved him, friend, no father his son dearer. True to tell thee, the grief hath crazed my wits” Gloucester (says to himself after Lear enters the house)
Act 3 Scene 5 “I will lay trust upon thee, and thou shalt find a dearer father in my love.” Cornwall (says this after Edmund gives him a letter that proves Gloucester was working with France. Cornwall says that Gloucester will get what he deserves for being a wicked person, and that he trusts Edmund and will be a better father than Gloucester ever was. )
Act 3 scene 6 “My tears begin to take his part so much they mar my counterfeiting.” Edgar (says this to himself as Lear is acting crazy by creating an imaginary court to put Goneril and Regan on trial. He basically feels so bad for Lear that it’s ruining his disguise)
Act 3 scene 6 “When we our betters see bearing our woes, we scarcely think our miseries our foes. Who alone suffers suffers most in the mind, leaving free things and happy shows behind…how light and portable my pain seems now when that which makes me bend makes the king bow!” Edgar (says to himself. Basically says that seeing Lear suffer so much over his problems makes him forget his misery. )
Act 3 Scene 7 “Though well we may not pass upon his life without the form of justice, yet our power shall do a courtesy to our wrath, which men may blame but not control.” Cornwall (says this after Regan and Goneril tell him to hang or gauge Gloucester’s eyes out. Says this aloud to the sisters and some slaves. Basically says that although he legally should give Gloucester a trial, he has enough power that he can still express his anger. Some people could blame him, but they couldn’t do anything about it anyways)
Act 3 Scene 7 “O my follies! Then Edgar was abused. King gods, forgive me that, and prosper him.” Gloucester (context according to No Fear Shakespeare: GLOUCESTERNothing but darkness and horror. Where’s my son Edmund? Edmund, let your love for me ignite your bloodlust to avenge this horrible crime!REGANWrong, evil traitor. You’re appealing to a son who hates you. He was the one who revealed your treason to us. He’s too good to have any compassion for you.GLOUCESTERWhat a fool I’ve been! This means I’ve mistreated Edgar. Dear God, forgive me. Let him be well!)