King Lear Act 2 Quiz Quotes (Otsuka)

“Help! Ho murder! Help!” Edmund
“I pray you father being weak told you so. I pray you being weak saying so.” Regan
“Bringing the murderous.” Gloucester
“I gave you all.” Lear (to Regan/Goneril)
“Oh reason, not the greed” Lear
“You stubborn ancient nave.” Cornwall
“Draw your horseman.” Kent
“Shut up your doors.” Cornwall
“On my knees I beg.” Lear
“No you enteral hags.” Lear (to Regan/Goneril)
“Thou art the disease in my flesh” Lear (to Regan/Goneril)
“Stands in some.” Lear
“I’ll preserve myself.” Edgar
“Infect her beauty.” Lear
“I shall serve you sir.” Edmund (to Cornwall)
“Which can pursue the offender.” Regan
“Persuade me to the murder of your Lordship.” Edmund
“Oh sir you are old, you should be fed and lead.” Regan
“Anger hath a privilege.” Kent
“Edmund, I see you should…” Cornwall
“He is coming hither.” Edmund
“Edgar’ I am nothing.” Edgar
“He dies that strikes again.” Cornwall
“The injuries that those procure.” Regan
“His the duke’s pleasure.” Gloucester
“…Horses are tied by the head, men by the legs…” Fool
“Who put my man i’ the stocks.” Lear (‘my man’ is Kent)
“My old heart is cracked; it’s cracked.” Gloucester
“Nothing almost sees miraclesBut misery.” Kent
“I will preserve myself, and am bethoughtTo take the basest and most poorest shapeThat ever penury in contempt of manBrought near to beast.” Edgar
“O, reason not the need! Our basest beggarsAre in the poorest thing superfluous.Allow not nature more than nature needs,Man’s life is cheap as beast’s.” Lear
“O sir, you are old.Nature I you stands on the very vergeOf his confine.” Regan (to Lear)
“O heavensIf you do love old men, if your sweet swayAllow obedience, if you yourselves are old,Make it your cause. Send down and take my part.” Lear