King Lear

Nothing will come of nothing: speak again. By: LearTo: CordeliaMeans: Lear is disappointed and angry that Cordelia is not playing his game and going on about how much she loves her and is telling her that she should start or she wont get a portion of the Kingdom.
Come not between the dragon and his wrath. By: LearTo: KentMeans: Don’t get involved; Don’t get between my anger at my daughter and I.
The bow is bent and drawn; make from the shaft. By: LearTo: KentMeans: I have drawn the bow so get away from/ let go of the arrow.
My life I never held but as a pawn to wage against thine enemies; nor fear to loose it, By: KentTo: Lear Means: I view my life as a pawn to fight against your enemies and I was never afraid to loose it fighting for you.
See better, Lear; and let me remainThe true blank of thine eye. By: KentTo: LearMeans: Open your eyes and listen to me; if you let me be your bull’s eye your intentions will not misfire.
Fare thee well, king; sith thus thou wilt appear,Freedom lives hence, and banishment is here. By: KentTo: LearMeans: Bye, it seems that here there is not freedom, that is elsewhere, here there is banishment for speaking your mind.
A still-soliciting eye, and such a tongueThat I am glad I have not, though not to have itHath lost me in you liking. By: CordeliaTo: Lear, France, and Burgundy.Means: I am glad I do not have the eye that is always looking out for something and the tongue that speaks without meaning what it says that my sister’s have, though not having it has caused my dad to hate me.
Better thouHadst not been born than not t’have pleased me better. By: LearTo: CordeliaMeans: It would have been best if you weren’t born rather then have told me what I wanted to hear (go on about how you love me).
She is herself a dowry. By: FranceTo: BurgundyMeans: Even though she doesn’t have any wealth to offer she is herself worth marrying.
I am sorry, then, you have lost a fatherThat you must lose a husband. By: BurgundyTo: CordeliaMeans: Since your father no longer loves you and has taken away your dowry I won’t marry you anymore.
Peace be with Burgundy!Since that respect and fortunes are his love,I shall not be his wife. By: CordeliaTo: Burgundy but, also as an announcement to everyone in the room. Means: Since Burgundy really cares about status and money I will not marry him.
Fairest Cordelia, that art most rich, being poor;Most choice, forsaken; and most lov’d despis’d!Thee and thy virtues here I seize upon: By: FranceTo: Cordelia, but he also wanted Lear to hear.Means: I love you more now that you are poor and are forsaken and hated by your father. I will marry you.
The jewels of our father, with wash’d eyesCordelia leaves you: I know what you are; By: CordeliaTo: Her sisters, Regan and Goneril.Means: You, who are the ones our father likes, I leave you with tears in my eyes and “clearer sight”. I no the truth about you, your faults, that you didn’t mean what you told our father.