Hamlet True or False

The King, Claudius, has married his brother’s widow True
Claudius grants Hamlet permission to return to Wittenburg False
Claudius grants Laertes permission to return to France True
Laertes and Ophelia are cousins False
Horatio advises Hamlet not to follow the ghost because he fears Hamlet will die True
The ghost asks Hamlet to avenge his death by killing both Claudius and Gertrude False
Polonius and Claudius plan to eavesdrop on a meeting between Hamlet and Ophelia True
Hamlet tells Rosencrantz and Guildenstern that he is depressed because of Ophelia False
Hamlet plans to stage a plan in front of Claudius, reenacting his father’s death True
The King’s reaction to the play-within-the-play confirms the truth of what the ghost said True
When Hamlet kills Polonius, he thinks it might be Claudius hiding behind the curtain True
When the ghost reappears in Gertrude’s room, Gertrude can hear what it says False
Hamlet says he will trust Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to protect him on the trip False
Gertrude tells Claudius that Hamlet is completely mad True
Hamlet apologizes to Laertes before the fencing match True
Laertes thanks the King for the honorable burial given to Polonius False
Hamlet wants Fortinbras to be the next king of Denmark True
Laertes agrees to a fencing match with Hamlet True
The grave being dug by the gravedigger is for Ophelia True
The land that Fortinbras wants was lost to King Hamlet by King Fortinbras True
Gertrude dies by drinking wine that Claudius has poisoned True
Hamlet dies by a wound from Laertes’s poison sword True
Laertes dies from drinking the poisoned wine cup False
Horatio commits suicide False
Laertes seeks revenge for his father’s death True