Hamlet Test Part 1

True or False: Hamlet’s romance with Ophelia is ended by his mother. False
True or False: Gertrude is astonished to see the ghost. False
True or False: Yorick had been court jester. True
True or False: Claudius never admits his guilt to the audience. False
True or False: Claudius killed the king by pouring poison in his ear. True
True or False: At the end of the play, Horatio becomes king. False
True or False: Hamlet fears that the ghost may have been sent by the devil. True
True to False: “To thine own self be true” is part of Hamlet’s soliloquy. False
True or False: Hamlet is afraid to trust Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. True
True or False: The ghost is in Purgatory waiting to ascend to Heaven. True
True or False: Polonius believes that love for Ophelia caused Hamlet’s madness. True
True or False: In the “To be or not to be” speech, Hamlet discusses suicide. True
True or False: After the players perform, the whole court knows of Claudius’ crime. False
True or False: Claudius deeply loves Gertrude. True
True or False: Like Hamlet, Ophelia only pretends to be mad. False
Fortinbras is a prince of __________. Norway
“Get thee to the nunnery” is adressed to __________. Ophelia
Hamlet resents Gertrude’s marriage to _____________. Claudius
Hamlet compares Polonius to ______________. Jephthah
Hamlet does not kill Claudius at prayer because _______________. He wants to damn the king’s soul
Hamlet hopes the play will ________________. Cause Claudius to reveal his guilt
The ghost tells Hamlet _______________. To leave the queen alone
Claudius hopes that Hamlet will be killed in _______________. England
The graveyard scene shows ________________. That all are equal in death
Hamlet feels Gertrude is guilty of _________________. An incestuous marriage
Ophelia dies by _____________. Drowning
Laertes plots the duel because of ____________. Grief
Comic relief is provided by ______________. The Gravediggers
Hamlet feels he can trust only ____________. Horatio
Hamlet is the only one at court who _______________. Still wears mourning
The first to see the ghost is _____________. A sentry
In his first soliloquy, Hamlet sees the world as ________________. Generally evil
The court is located in _____________. Elsinore
The duel is plotted by Laertes and ______________. Claudius
Hamlet kills Polonius _____________. Not knowing who it is
Once married to King Hamlet Gertrude
Returns Hamlet’s gifts Ophelia
Names Hamlet heir to the throne Claudius
Feels “the readiness is all” Hamlet
Part of “play-within-the-play” Gonzago
Adviser to the king Polonius
Says “Good night, sweet prince” Horatio
Brother to Ophelia Laertes
Kills Gertrude Poisoned Wine
Skull in graveyard Yorick
Nickname for the “play” Mouse trap
Part of Ophelia’s mad scene Flowers
Delivered by Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Letters to England
Identifies the ghost Armor
Kills Laertes Rapier
Usurp Seize unfairly
Avouch Assert
Martial Military
Portentous Ominous
Harbinger Forerunner
Dirge Mourning song
Impious Unholy
Jocund Merry
Circumscribe Limit
Dalliance Amorous play
Perusual Careful Reading
Precept Rule of Conduct
Extremity Utmost Limit
Firmament Heavens
Paragon Model of Perfection
Gratis Free
Savory Appetizing
Chronicles Histories
Cleave Split
Malefaction Evil deed
Visage Face
Consummation Completion
Orison Prayer
Paradox Apparent Contradiction
Calumny Slanderous accusation
Temperance Moderation
Buffet A blow
PUrge Elimination
Bulwark Strong defense
Mandate Authoritative
Conjecture Supposition
Impetuous Impulsive
Requite Repay
Obscure Hidden
Bier Coffin Stand
Incensed Enraged
Inter Bury
Pestilent Poisonous
Superfluous Unnecessary
Importunate Urgent
Cudgel Heavy Club
Pate Head
Abhorred Hated
Prate Babble
Amity Friendship
Dearth Scarcity
Germane Relevant
Commended Praised
Diligent Hard working
Felicity Bliss