Hamlet Facts+Quotes

Hamlet is prince of what country Denmark
Fortinbras is prince of what country Norway
Who is Horatio to Hamlet? Friend and confidant
Who are Francisco, Barnardo, and Marcellus? Danish soldiers
What is the name of the play Hamlet asks the players to reenact? (Not the part he inserts) The Murder of Gonzago
What is the name of the part Hamlet inserts into the play? The Mousetrap
Who were the first 2 people to see the ghost? Marcellus and Barnardo
What was the difference in how Barnardo and Horatio responded when asked who they were? Barnardo says “Long live the King!” showing his faithfulness to Claudius, but Horatio says “Friends to this ground” showing his faithfulness to Denmark, not NECESSARILY Claudius
Was Horatio completely sure that the ghost would be there when he went to check it out? No, in fact he was doubtful and just annoyed that he was dragged out so late into the cold
Why does Marcellus say Horatio should speak to the ghost? Because he is a scholar, and apparently Marcellus and Barnardo have the mental capacity of a potato
What type of clothes was the ghost wearing when Horatio saw it? It was dressed for battle
Who did the ghost look like? Old King Hamlet, the one who’s dead
What armor was the ghost wearing? The same that Old Hamlet wore when he fought Old Norway.
For what reason does Horatio say that the country is geared for way and constantly makes weapons, cannons, etc.? Because young Fortinbras, son of Old Norway, might attack Denmark to gain back the land his dad lost
Does Fortinbras, at first, have his country’s army behind him ready to find Denmark? No, he has a group of “lawless resolutes”, or thugs, to command.
What scares away the ghost the second time it comes during that night? A cock crew, and it also didn’t help that Marcellus just randomly yelled whether or not he should throw his spear at it. (Again, IQ of a potato).
What does Horatio say happens to spirits when the cock crows? All spirits, no matter what, go back to their resting place.
What does Marcellus say about cock crowing? That during Christmas when the cock crows it is a holy time, and it is a time when no spirit dares to roam
Who suggests, out of loyalty, that they should tell the story about the ghost to Hamlet? Horatio does, showing his loyalty to Hamlet
Does Claudius deeply express his grief for his brother’s death the first time we hear him? No, he just says a few lines about it and really acts as though it’s nothing and everyone needs to move on
Did the current king of Norway, Fortinbras’ uncle, know about his plans? No, he was old and bedridden
Who does Claudius send to tell Norway about his nephew’s plans? Cornelius and Voltemand
Why did Laertes come to Denmark? To “show [his] duty in [Claudius’] coronation”
Where does Laertes want to go to now that Claudius has had his coronation? France
How does Hamlet act at first? He is super depressed, like realllllllllllllyyyyyyy depressed. And he says nothing can show how depressed he is.
What do the King and Queen tell Hamlet he is being? Unmanly, stubborn, a wimp
Where does Hamlet want to go back to? School
Where is the school Hamlet wants to go to? Wittenberg
What does Claudius say about having Hamlet go back to school? He says both he and the queen want him to stay so they can keep an eye on him.
In his first soliloquy, why does Hamlet say he can’t commit suicide? It is against the “canon” of God.
What does Hamlet compare Denmark to? An unweeded garden
How long was Old Hamlet dead before Gertrude married his brother? 1 month (thirsty hoe)
Does Hamlet think Claudius deserves the throne? No, he thought Claudius is to Old Hamlet as he is to Hercules.
What does Hamlet keep mentioning about his mother and Claudius? Incestuous sheets
Does Hamlet call Horatio his “poor servant ever”? No, Horatio calls himself that, put Hamlet says he is his good friend.
Why does Horatio say he came from Wittenburg? To see Hamlet’s father’s funeral.
What does Hamlet say about the marriage compared to the funeral? The food from the funeral did last til the marriage, showing how short the time between them was.
What does Horatio say the ghost’s countenance was? More in sorrow than anger.
Does Hamlet want to tell everyone about the ghost? No, he wants them to keep it a secret.
What does Hamlet suspect? He suspects foul play of some kind
What does Laertes tell Ophelia in his goodbye? He tells her not to believe all of Hamlet’s love, that he could never be with her, and he could ruin her.
What is a big thing with Laertes’ speech to Ophelia about Hamlet? That she must not lose her honor, because if she lets Hamlet ruin her, she is done.
What’s an analogy that Laertes uses to compare what Hamlet might do to Ophelia? “The canker galls the infants of the spring Too oft before their buttons be disclosed” The worm ruins the spring flowers before the had the chance to bloom
What does Ophelia say back to Laertes? She says she’ll keep his words to heart, but that he shouldn’t be hypocritical and not listen to himself
Why is Laertes happy when he sees his father Polonius coming? He has another chance for Polonius to bless his journey.
What does Polonius make everything relate to? Honor
What does Polonius give as advice to Laertes? (All of the recommendations) Be friendly but not too friendly; don’t get into fights but if you are in one make sure to kick his 17th century ass; listen to everyone but don’t talk to everyone; take everyone’s judgment but keep your own; get great clothes, but ones that are good, not necessarily just expensive; don’t borrow nor lend money
Why does the lesson about clothes seem important to Polonius? Because Laertes is going to France, and they care a lot about fashion there
What does Laertes says is the number one lesson, but is ironic because of all the things he jsut said Be yourself
What is the difference between how Ophelia talks to Laertes and how she talks to her dad? With Laertes she is more smart and witty, but with her dad she acts dumb and is very submissive
What does Polonius say he hears Hamlet is giving her a lot of? Private time (giggity)
What does Polonius say Ophelia is being? She is being naive and foolish for believing him, and she is risking her honor.
What does Ophelia say Hamlet has given her almost all of? The holy vows of heaven
Which “holy vow of heaven” has Hamlet not yet given Ophelia? A proposal, marriage
What is the difference in how Ophelia ends the conversation with Laertes and her father? With Laertes she sort of tells him off and says he should watch himself too, but with her father she backs down and simply says that she will obey him.
At what time do Hamlet, Horatio, and Marcellus meet and expect to see the ghost? Midnight
Why is there a “flourish of trumpets” and “two pieces” go off? Hamlet says it is the king celebrating (the fact that Hamlet decided to stay, I’m not sure on this though, if someone could tell me for sure that’d be great)
What does Hamlet say about one small piece of evil? That it can ruin the whole thing. “The dram of evil Doth all the noble substance of a doubt To his own scandal.”
Is Hamlet reasonable and calm when he sees the ghost? No, he starts yelling and begging it to speak to him. Very passionate
What does the ghost do in response to Hamlet asking to speak? It beckons him to follow it somewhere else
Why does Hamlet say he should have no fear? Because he doesn’t value his life a lot, no more than a “pin’s fee”. Also it can’t do anything to his soul.
How does Horatio respond? He is very reasonable and warns Hamlet of all the evil things a ghost could tempt him to do.
What does Hamlet say when they try to stop him from following the ghost? That they should unhand him, and he’ll “make a ghost of him that follows [Hamlet]”
What does Marcellus note after Hamlet leaves? “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.”
What do Horatio and Marcellus decide to do after Hamlet runs off after the ghost? They think it is not right to obey Hamlet for that moment and follow him.