Hamlet Characters

Hamlet Sr. -Hamlets Father-Prior king of Denmark before Claudius-Killed by Claudius
Fortinbras Sr. -Defeated by Hamlet Sr. in battle-Prior ruler of Norway
Hamlet -In line for crown of Denmark-Son of Gertrude and Hamlet Sr.-Tragic hero
Fortinbras -Prince of Norway-Plans to take control of Denmark and regain Norwegian independence
Gertrude -Queen of Denmark-Married Claudius 2 months after death of Hamlet Sr. -Hamlet’s mother
Claudius -Hamlet Sr.’s brother-Marries Gertrude to get the crown-Villian
Horatio -Hamlet’s college buddy-Well-educated-Trusted by Hamlet-Convinces Hamlet to see the ghost-Skeptic so he’s summoned by Marcellus and Bernardo to see the ghost and confirm its existence
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern -Hamlet’s college buddies-Not trusted by Hamlet-Easily manipulated-Claudius’s spies-Escort Hamlet to England
Polonius -King’s advisor-Father of Laertes and Ophelia-Puppet character-speaks in clich├ęs
Ophelia -Hamlet’s love interest-Daughter of Polonius, sister of Laertes-Forced to give up love for Hamlet because of father-can be directed as wordly or innocent and it changes context of her actions dramatically
Laertes -Son of Polonius, brother of Ophelia-Doesn’t approve of relationship of Ophelia and Hamlet-Goes away to college in France and returns to find the kingdom in shambles and turmoil
Osric -Coutier that finds Hamlet and summons him for the duel-Not the sharpest tool in the shed
Reynaldo -Man that Polonius sends to France to spy on Laertes while he’s in college
Marcellus and Bernardo -Guards watching the castle when they see the ghost-Summon Horatio to talk to the ghost
The Ghost -Ghost of Hamlet Sr.-Tells Hamlet to get revenge for his death, says Claudius did it-May or may not be a figment of Hamlet’s imagination
Voltimand and Cornelius -soldiers sent to tell king of Norway to prevent Fortinbras from attacking
Yorick -Court jester when Hamlet was a boy-Hamlet knew him-Raised Hamlet (in a way)-Skull is discussed by the gravedigger with Hamlet
Gravedigger -Witty and a match for Hamlet’s intelligence-Very knowledgeable