Hamlet Character Quotes

Ghost “My fate cries out…”(The Ghost determines Hamlet’s fate, purpose, and basically the whole play’s plot.)
Gertrude “Frailty, thy name is woman.”(Gertrude is a weak and passive character)
R&G “Besides, to be demanded by a sponge.”(R&G are only tools to the King and not independent characters.)
Ophelia “Poor Ophelia divided from herself and her fair judgement.”(Exemplifies Ophelia’s madness and decent into madness.)
Polonius “How now, a rat? Dead for a ducat, dead!”(Polonius’ whole character is about being sneaky and a dirty spy. He feeds off of gossip and this get’s him killed.)
Fortinbras “To all that fortune, death and danger dare, Even for an eggshell.”(Hamlet discusses how a prince fights for a measly piece of his father’s land. Fotinbras is Hamlet’s foil.)
Horatio “And in this harsh world draw thy breath in pain to tell my story.”(Horatio is the last man standing and the only one to tell this story. He is also the only honest man.)
Claudius “That cannot be, since I am still possessed Of those effects for which I did the murder: My crown, mine own ambition, and my queen”(He admits his sins yet cannot repent because he is still selfish)
Hamlet “Though this be madness, yet there is method in’t.”(Hamlet’s whole character is caught between mad and manipulative and cunning)
Laertes “The rather if you could devise it so that I might be the organ.”(Laertes seeks revenge fiercely. This emphasizes the revenge theme.)