Hamlet Chapter test

What is the scene as the play opens up? Soldiers in Denmark are protecting Elsinore castle
How is interest created in this opening space? suspense with the ghost
Why are the soldiers uneasy The ghost has come two nights in a row
What conflict exists between Denmark and Norway? They battle for the same piece of land
What reasons are suggested by Horatio for the appearance of the late kings ghost The ghost is trying to tell them that a battle is going to brew
What plans are made at the end of the scene to create suspense and keep the reader interest They are going to tell Hamlet
What do you learn about the present king of denmark married former sister in law; does not like frontibras; not that upset about king hamlets death
Does claudius reveal himself to be a capable monarch No because he contradicts himself
How is hamlet portrayed in this first oppurtunity to meet him gloomy quiet upset
What is the subject of hamlets first soliquy wishes to die
How does the denmark norway subplot advance letter was written and want land back and battle is going to insue
What does Horatio reveal to hamlet that he saw the ghost of hamlets deceased father
How is suspense created in this scene to keep the audience interested Hamlet will keep watch that night to look for his father
What warning does laertes offer to ophelia regarding hamlet hamlets love is temporary
Summarize the advice to leartes given by polonius Do not act quickly beware of fighting but if someone challenges do not back down
Do you think this advice is appropriate yes b/c you need to be aware of what you say so you do not offend people
What is polonius opinion of the hamlet ophelia relationship He thinks that hamlet does not truly love ophelia
How are comments from polonius and laertes to ophelia different have the same opinionlaertes- physically stay awaypolonis-just warns him
What does this scene reveal about each of three characters polonius and laertes have strong opinions and ophelia is gulliable and obeys them
What is the directive given to ophelia by polonius polonius says to stay away from him for good
How does this scene contain examples of contrast surprise and suspense does he go with ghost or friendsghost reappearshamlet goed to look for his father ghost
What warningx are given to hamlet by his friends they do not know if the ghost is good or bad do not want the ghost to harm him
What does he decide to do to go anyway
Something is rotten in the state of denmark why is this line significant foreshadowing building suspense
what revealation does the ghost make to hamlet poison in his ear
what pledge does hamlet make to get revenge
How is his treatment of his friends different after the visit of the ghost suspenseful-loses trust in family paranois
Upon what subject does he pledge his friends to secrecy to not tell anybody what they saw
What approach does hamlet indicate he is going to take find out the truth
o the time is out of joint ocursed spit that ever i was born to set it right what does this couplet reveal about hamlets attitudes about his futy for future events To figure out what happened and if claudius really did this he will get revenge unhappy this is the fate of his life
What are the major conflicts introduced in act 1 claudius and hamlethamlet and himselfdenmark and norwayhamlet and opheliahamlet and polonius laertes
what function does the ghost serve in the plot development exciting force must occur before climax resolutionhamlet getting revenge could have never happened if the ghost had not appeared
what mood is presented and developed in act 1 exciting force
What request does polonius make of reynaldo to spy on laertes and deliver money to him in france and then return back